PARBAT, Jan 19: Allo fiber, also known as Himalayan nettle, holds the prospect of becoming a good source of income, if the success of about a dozen women in Parbat district is anything to go by.

LAMJUNG, Jan 10: As the products made of natural Allo fiber are gaining good market values, more women in Lamjung are attracted towards its production and processing.

ROLPA, August 28: These days, a large number of women in Rolpa are into small-scale businesses. Earlier, most of these women were involved only in sewing and tailoring works. However, they have now changed their status and uplifted their living standards by switching to small-scale businesses. They have now changed their status from housewives to entrepreneurs. Many of them have started clothes business by utilizing the natural fiber called Allo which is widely produced in Rolpa.

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 21: US internet giant Google launched Wednesday a smart messaging app aimed at muscling into a busy market with popular rivals such as WhatsApp and Facebook's messenger.