KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Senior cardiologist Om Murti Anil has launched an awareness campaign to discourage smoking with the slogan 'A small sacrifice from me, a big gift for a loved one'.

KATHMANDU, Dec 28: Ayush Sharma (name changed), a young man from Chabahil, Kathmandu, first tried vaping (e-cigarettes) two years ago with a friend and quickly developed an addiction. Now a regular user, he admitted, "In the beginning, I was drawn in for the taste, and now it's a habit."

Kelly Osbourne is opening up about her battles with drug and alcohol addiction, stopping by “Red Table Talk” to discuss getting hooked as a teen and relapsing after the pandemic.

Social media is unsocial

January 14, 2020 08:42 am

Social media has taken over the world like deadly virus. Social media was built to create opportunities for people to bridge communication gap and connect with people all over the world. But now it has become the reason for the communication gap. New research has shown it could be having the opposite effect and leaving people more and more isolated.

After setting the internet on fire with her Instagram debut, actor Jennifer Aniston pledged for it to not become an addiction.

“Sesame Street” is taking a new step to try to help kids navigate life in America — it’s tackling the opioid crisis. Sesame Workshop is exploring the backstory of Karli, a bright green, yellow-haired friend of Elmo’s whose mother is battling addiction. The initiative is part of the Sesame Street in Communities resources available online.

There is no doubt that social media is crucial for modern communication and socialization in this age of globalization. But at the same time, it has plunged a huge number of youngsters into addiction.  In the past few years, resulting from a strong internet access, children are also using online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Such users are likely to fall into cyber offense like Virtual comparison, online bullying, online fraud, and scam which are considered as major causes of mental health problems among youngsters.


January 19, 2019 18:57 pm

There are several causes of addiction. Generally most of them are bound to environment, genetics and age. These three are the major causes that lead an individual to addiction.

LOS ANGELES, Aug 6: In her first public comments since an overdose put her into the hospital, singer Demi Lovato says she remains committed to overcoming addiction.

Social Media Addiction

February 5, 2018 10:05 am

Generally, in today’s point of time we can see many people getting addicted toward social media. Therefore, social media has its own craze having some positive as well as negative aspects. But that doesn’t mean using social media is absolutely worthless or people who uses social media are addicted to it.

Addiction to socialize

August 2, 2017 12:04 pm

Communication has become easy with time; messages go from one country to another with a click, information can be read online and billions of people get connected every day. It is amazing how different questions are answered in no time and how internet has become an inevitable part of our life.

TIKAPUR, June 5: Kalpesh Kunwar of Tikapur has a black belt in karate. He also played football for the country's national team. While aspiring to be a good player, his life took a u-turn when he got addicted to drugs while still in grade 10. After the initial stage of addiction, he remained dependent on drugs for about ten years.

Smartphone addiction tightens its global grip

When was the last time we took time away from our cell phone for an hour and actually enjoyed life? Today, cell phone is accessible to very large number of people.

Pop star Selena Gomez said she canceled her world tour last year and went to therapy because she was depressed, anxious and “my self-esteem was shot.”

KATHMANDU, March 14: As most of the street children start using psychoactive substances at a tender age of eight or nine, they are likely to get addicted before reaching 15, which ultimately reduces their average life expectancy, argue experts working for the welfare of such children.

Are you anxious that your kid is hooked to social networking sites or busy playing video games throughout the night?

15 terrifying statistics on your cellphone addiction

Infographics: Internet addiction?

October 6, 2016 00:05 am

Men vs women, Survey of lifestyle priorities

Love is a magical addiction: Ranbir Kapoor

September 30, 2016 12:30 pm

MUMBAI: Calling himself a romantic, actor Ranbir Kapoor says love is an indefinable feeling, which is beyond anyone's control.

Coming clean off addiction

August 31, 2016 13:00 pm

Dear Swastika, I am just eighteen years old and study in college. My parents have given me everything I have asked for but they have no idea that I am an alcoholic. It started when I got dumped by my ex-girlfriend. I didn’t cheat on her but she told me I was too clingy and had no future since I’ve low grades and have no motivation to work. It devastated me. It was only in recent times that I heard she’s got a new boyfriend who’s older than her. And that he has a job and has studied abroad. I started to drink since then and now it’s been a problem. How do I stop this bad habit? –Santosh