MOSCOW [Russia], August 26: Russian President Vladimir Putin is not planning to attend the G20 Summit in India next month, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told Russian media on Thursday. The main emphasis now is a special military operation, the Kremlin spokesperson said.

CHERNIHIV, Ukraine, Aug 20: A Russian missile strike on Ukraine's northern city of Chernihiv killed at least five people and wounded dozens on Saturday, authorities said, hours after President Vladimir Putin met Moscow's top army commanders.

NEW DELHI: President Vladimir Putin will participate this week in his first multilateral summit since an armed rebellion rattled Russia, as part of a rare international grouping in which his country still enjoys support.

Russian government troops withdrew from the streets of Moscow on Sunday and the rebellious mercenary soldiers who had occupied other cities were gone, but the short-lived revolt has weakened President Vladimir Putin just as his forces are facing a fierce counteroffensive in Ukraine.

June 24: President Vladimir Putin vowed Saturday to defend Russia against an armed rebellion by mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who led his troops out of Ukraine and into a key city south of Moscow.

MOSCOW, June 6: Several Russian radio stations were hacked and played a fake President Vladimir Putin speech announcing an invasion from Kyiv's troops and emergency measures in three regions bordering Ukraine, the Kremlin said Monday.

SAMARKAND, Uzbekistan, Sept 17: President Vladimir Putin on Friday brushed off a lightning Ukrainian counter-offensive with a smile but warned that Russia would respond more forcefully if its troops were put under further pressure.

Film icon Arnold Schwarzenegger told Russians in a video posted on social media Thursday they’re being lied to about the war in Ukraine and accused President Vladimir Putin of sacrificing Russian soldiers’ lives for his own ambitions.

BERLIN, Jan 23: Germany's navy chief stepped down on Saturday after drawing criticism for saying Russian President Vladimir Putin deserved respect and that Kyiv would never win back annexed Crimea from Moscow.

MOSCOW, April 18: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will travel to Russia in the second half of this month and meet President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said on Thursday.

VLADIVOSTOK, Sept 12: President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia knew the real identity of two men accused by British prosecutors of trying to murder former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain.