BANKE, Nov 26: With the changes seen in weather lately, flights to and from Nepalgunj airport are being affected due to fog and mist in the morning and evening.

NEPALGUNJ, Nov 25: A fox collided with a Buddha Air aircraft going from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. The fox collided with an ATR-72 at around 7:15 PM on Wednesday while it was on the runway after landing at Nepalgunj Airport.

NEPALGUNJ, Nov 3: Shrubs and bushes around the runway at Nepalgunj Airport have been cleaned. This comes after three boars collided with Sita Air's 9N-AHB flight from Nepalgunj to Simkot in Humla on Tuesday.

NEPALGUNJ, Nov 2: An aircraft belonging to Sita Air has narrowly escaped a major accident at Nepalgunj Airport on Tuesday morning. Three boars collided with an aircraft with the call sign 9N-AHB as it was about to take off for a flight to Simikot, Humla. The boars that collided with the aircraft have been torn into pieces.

NEPALGUNJ, September 4: Police recovered over 4 kilograms of gold from Nepalgunj Airport on Friday. They have arrested two people in connection with the incident.

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 1: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai has stressed on the need to develop Nepalgunj Airport as one of the hub airports in the country.

KATHMANDU, March 28: An aircraft of Nepal Airlines met with an accident while landing at Nepalgunj airport on Saturday.

NEPALGUNJ, Jan 24: Humanitarian Support Desk, established at Nepalgunj airport, has come into operation from Thursday. The Support Desk was established targeting Banke and Bardiya districts for disaster management.

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 7: On Tuesday, when a Buddha Air's ATR-72 aircraft landed at Nepalgunj airport a wild boar came from nowhere and collided with the rear wheels of the aircraft. The boar died on the spot and the aircraft escaped a major accident.

NEPALGUNJ, Nov 25: Preparations for upgrading Nepalgunj Airport – one of the busiest airports in western Nepal – has begun.

Nepalgunj airport being upgraded

September 20, 2018 12:58 pm

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 20: Upgrading process of Nepalgunj Airport has been forwarded along with preparation of operation of Nepalgunj-Delhi flight.