KATHMANDU, Oct 10: The construction of the Kaligandaki Corridor transmission line has been successfully completed. The 220-kV double circuit transmission line is expected to contribute to improving the national electricity grid system.

RAMPUR, June 30: The Kaligandaki corridor road has been obstructed due to incessant rain since last night. The road was blocked after a landslide occurred near the Sardikhola bridge on the border of Rambha Rural Municipality-2 and 3 of Palpa under the corridor.

KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The work of blacktopping the access road of Kushmisera Bazar, the center of Jaimini Municipality connecting the Kaligandaki Corridor, has been resumed.

Kaligandaki corridor obstructed

July 26, 2022 12:29 pm

GALKOT, July 26: Vehicular movement along the Baglung section of the Kaligandaki corridor, a national pride project, has been disrupted due to landslides since this morning.

Precious Shaligram stones are also on the verge of extinction

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: Kaligandaki 'A' Hydropower Center, under the ownership of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), with a capacity of 144 megawatts, will be closed for maintenance for three days. The first unit powerhouse of Main Inlet Vulb-MIV faced leakage of water from 11 pm on Thursday. The production of electricity has been halted due to the leakage.

PARBAT, June 26: Rafting in the Kaligandaki river has been halted with the increase in water level in the river after the onset of the monsoon.

NAWALPARASI, May 26: The construction of the Sub-station under the Kaligandaki Transmission Corridor project in Surya Basti of Sunawal municipality-13 has seen around 45 per completion.

Gulmi, April 22: Implementation of the North-South Kaligandaki Corridor project, a national pride project, has gained momentum during the last one year since the Nepal Army took the lead.

SYANGJA, Jan 27: The people affected by the Kaligandaki 'A' Hydropower at Beltari area in Syangja district have demonstrated by putting forth various demands.

POKHARA/MUSTANG, Jan 24: The debris of caved land accompanied by broken trees temporarily blocked the flow of the Kaligandaki River in Mustang on Wednesday. However, the river has returned to its natural flow after a short halt.

PARBAT, Dec 3: Detailed feasibility study of Kaligandaki Multipurpose Project commenced from Friday, with Phalebas Municipality of Parbat district starting a discussion with the technical team of Ministry of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation.

Rafting begins in Kaligandaki river

October 5, 2018 14:38 pm

PARBAT, Oct 5: Rafting has begun in the Kaligandaki river with an increasing inflow of tourists that starts in general from the October first week to the December first week for a season.

PARBAT, Sept 14: At least 200 houses along the Kaligandaki river side are at high risk of flooding. The river swollen by rains occurred in the higher area of Myagdi and Mustang on Wednesday is eroding its banks so rapidly posing risk to the houses along the river.

PARBAT, Aug 5: Continuous rains for some days have increased water level in the Kaligandaki River, said the district administration office (DAO).

PALPA, May 31: Tansen is popular for its natural beauty, rich history and culture. However, it is also equally infamous for water scarcity. The headquarters of Palpa has long been struggling for fulfilling its water needs.

Two go missing in Kaligandaki River

April 14, 2018 18:29 pm

PALPA, April 14: Two teenage boys have gone missing while taking a bath in the Kaligandaki River in Palpa Saturday. They arrived at Ranimahal, the historic place in the district, to celebrate the Nepali New Year.

PALPA, April 11: A child, out of two missing in Kaligandaki river on Monday, found dead today.

MYAGDI, Mar 11: A compensation of Rs 80 million is to be distributed to the households affected by the transmission line of national pride project Kaligandaki Corridor.

PALPA, Nov 7: Hari Bahadur Gaha of Pokharathok, Bagnaskali Rural Municipality-2 who had been swept away the Kaligandaki River in Ramdi as he had been there to attend the cremation of his grandmother last Wednesday was found dead. The body of the 26-year-old youth was retrieved from Asardi of Rambha Rural Municipality Monday, the Ramdi Area Police said.

BAGLUNG, Sept 27: Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) of Nepal Army (NA), Rajendra Chettri, inaugurated four bailey bridges built in Baglung and Gulmi section of Kaligandaki Corridor on Tuesday.

PARBAT, Dec 11: The under construction Kaligandaki corridor 20 KV capacity transmission line work has been disrupted by local villagers.

Vultures in Kaligandaki banks vanishing

November 27, 2016 09:54 am

PALPA, Nov 27: The vultures inhabiting the banks of the Kaligandaki river are on the verge of becoming extinct these days.

PALPA, Nov 12: The invaluable Shaligram shells found in the Kaligandaki river of Nepal are fast disappearing with people seeking the fossilized stones for religious and commercial use increasing by the day.

PHALEBAS (Parbat), Oct 6: Left in dilapidated condition for around a decade, construction of the Kaligandaki Highway that links Indian border in South and Korola border with China in North has been expedited.

RAMPUR (Palpa), July 28: The flood triggered by incessant rain in the Kaligandaki River has swept away a swathe of 76 Ropanis of land in vicinity of human settlement.

POKHARA, July 19: Parts of the hill supporting dam of the 144 MW Kaliandaki ‘A’ Hydropower Project in Syangja district have started eroding due to continuous floods in the river, according to officials of the project.

RAMPUR (Palpa), July 15: A subsidiary dam of the Kaligandaki 'A' Hydro Power Project, the country's biggest, has collapsed under pressure of incessant rainfall and endangered the Andhimuhan locality.

FALEBAS (Parbat), July 1: The Early Warning System (EWS) is to be installed in two big rivers of the district with high chance of risks to different settlements due to growing water current in rivers in rainy season.