Ward members of Thabang Rural Municipality-1 resign in mass

Published On: November 26, 2019 10:45 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, Nov 26: All ward members of Thabang Rural Municipality-1 of Rolpa district have resigned en masse.

The members, who were elected as independent candidates in the local elections, have resigned en masse. These candidates decided to resign collectively as an individual candidate for the post of ward chairman, Bhadra Jhakri, was not chosen unanimously for the upcoming by-polls.

Ward members Jeet Kumari BK and Maanpuri Pun Magarni submitted their resignations to the chairperson of the rural municipality   on Nov 16. “We received the resignations from two ward members yesterday. But as we are busy with the selection process of ward chairperson we haven't approved them yet,” said Bir Bahadur Gharti, the chairperson of the rural municipality. “We have sent the resignations to their respective wards.”

Before this, member Bhadra Jhakri had resigned from the post to file his candidacy for the post of ward chairperson while another elected member Lakap Budha has never attended the regular discussions and meetings after being elected. “Lakap jee is still out of the ward. As he has not been able to attend any meetings, he has to leave his post now automatically,” said Gharti.  

As her resignation has not yet been approved, member BK has still been working as acting ward chairperson on a daily basis. “I'm still working as an acting chairperson as our resignation has still not been approved,” she said adding “I might have to submit a new resignation after the new chairperson will be elected. I will know about it and decide accordingly.”

On the other hand, Jhakri who had previously resigned from the post ward member and withdrew his candidacy for the post of ward chairperson shows dissatisfaction towards the process. “How is it possible that my resignation is approved by the chairperson of the rural municipality but other members' resignations have not been approved yet?” he asked. “Are there different rules for different people?”

Election is close but Thawang looks deserted 
Although the hype of election is high in all other districts, the entire ward of Thabang is still quiet. “We do not see any hype or preparation for the election. Not even the locals or candidates seem exited for the election,” said chairperson Gharti. “I don't think there will be many voters this time,” he said.

District chairperson of Nepali Congress, Amar Singh Pun, who had reached Thabang for the promotion of election also complained about the low excitement for election amongst the locals of Thabang. 

“The entire village is quiet and not exited at all. I don't think there will be enough voters here,” he said.

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