Unseasonal rains damage bricks worth Rs 50 million in Bhaktapur

Published On: January 18, 2020 04:00 PM NPT By: Krishna Kisi

BHAKTAPUR, Jan 18: Unseasonal rains damaged bricks worth Rs 50 million in various brick kilns in Bhaktapur. 

According to brick factory operators, about 800,000 pieces of bricks in each of the brick kilns were ruined during the rain on Thursday and Friday. As there are 62 brick factories currently in operation, 49 million pieces of bricks were destroyed. 

“Precipitation during the peak season of brick production has caused a heavy loss. The brick kiln operators are deeply troubled by the incident,” President of Bhaktapur Brick Factories Entrepreneurs Association Natibhai Hyomba told Republica Online. 

The factories started baking the bricks on December 26. According to the rule, all the kilns must start baking at a time. “We have just started baking and are expecting a good amount of production. The incessant rains for two days resulted in a heavy loss. Therefore, we are expecting tax exemption from the government,” Chairperson Hyomba added. 

Most of the brick kilns are located in Changunarayan municipality. Municipal office charges Rs 700,000 to each of them as tax. They also have to pay revenue to the Department of Internal Revenue.

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