Province 2's CM to seek vote of confidence today

Published On: February 22, 2018 09:36 AM NPT

DHANUSHA, Feb 22: Province-2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut is seeking a vote of confidence from the Provicial Parliament today. 

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Parliament Ranjit Kumar Yadav said that CM Raut will seek a vote of confidence in the Provincial Assembly meeting to convene at 1 pm today. He will address the provincial parliament meeting and seek a vote of confidence. 

As per the constitutional provision, the Chief Minister should take a vote of confidence from the provincial parliament within 30 days of being elected to the office. 

Raut is the parliamentary leader of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal. He was elected the Chief Minister on February 14 with the support of the Rastriya Janata Party (RJP). 

Chief Minister Raut has urged the Nepali Congress also to support him in the vote of confidence. He, together with Jitendra Sonal, the RJP parliamentary party leader and Minister for Physical Infrastructure of the province, met the Nepali Congress provincial parliamentary party leader Ram Saroj Yadav on Wednesday seeking the Nepali Congress' support in the vote of confidence. 

Raut needs to garner the support of 51 or more province assembly members to win the vote of confidence. There are 107 members in the Province Assembly of Province-2. The Federal Socialist Forum Nepal has 29 members, RJP 25, the CPN (UML) 21, the Nepali Congress 19, the Maoist Centre 11, the Federal Socialist Party one and independent one member. RSS

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