Police torture a minor who killed a man for allegedly trying to rape her

Published On: May 29, 2022 01:42 PM NPT By: Upendra Yadav

BARA, May 29: A minor who was arrested on the charge of killing a man who tried to rape her has been tortured by the police.

Niruta KC, 16, of Nagaul Tol of Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolis-6 is said to have been tortured by the crime investigation team of the Area Police Office Simara and District Police Office Bara. She has been arrested on the charge of murdering a local named Rakesh Bhakta Poudel who the minor says tried to rape her.

KC, who was studying in Grade 11 was arrested by the police on May 13 on the charge of killing Poudel. The girl's mother, Durga Devi Chhetri said that the police had kept her in custody and tortured her physically and mentally. 

"My daughter protested when Poudel entered the room where she was sleeping at around 2PM on May 12 and tried to touch her,” said Chhetri. “Poudel had entered the room with a bottle of beer in his hand. When he tried to rape my daughter, she took the bottle from his hand and hit him on his head whole trying to defend her. Poudel's watch fell in the room in the process.”

Chhetri mentioned that when Poudel tried to escape from the room on the second floor, he crashed into the gate and fell unconscious. Seeing Poudel unconscious, Durga Devi's husband Chitra Bahadur Chhetri, Uddhav Adhikari, Khagendra Khatpal and others took him to Vayodha Hospital in Birgunj via Simara Alpine Hospital for treatment.

KC’s father, Chitra Bahadur Chhetri had contested for the local level election from the CPN (Maoist Center) for the post of a ward member. She said that while giving lunch to the leaders and cadres who came to the house, she also provided lunch to Poudel who was their neighbor as well. According to Chhetri, Poudel had returned home at around 12AM but returned again at 1:30AM asking for beer. He later fell asleep in a chair though there was a place for guests to sleep on the roof. The incident took place after Poudel entered the room of KC at around 2PM.

Similarly, KC’s mother revealed that despite telling the accurate details of the incident, the authorities from the Area Police Office Simara and District Police Office Bara including Sagar Rana tortured her mentally and physically.

KC’S mother Durga Devi said that no one believed the truth. “In the name of interrogation in the jail, Sagar Rana tortured my daughter stating that she might have an affair with Poudel and slept with him. He even said that my daughter took help of someone elese to murder Poudel.” Chhetri also claimed that she had seen bruises on her daughter’s body when she visited her in the police station.

However, chief of the Area Police Office, Simara, Deputy Superintendent of Police Yuvaraj Timilsina said that nothing can be said as an investigation into Poudel’s murder is currently underway. When asked about KC being tortured in jail, Timilsina said that he did not have any information about it.

Likewise, Poudel’s brother Rajesh Bhakta Poudel has accused Santosh Khatri of calling his brother to Chhetri's house and murdering him. He claimed that the minor was brought forward to hide the killer.


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