Police collecting reliable evidence against ‘Buddha boy’

Published On: January 21, 2019 08:31 PM NPT By: Dhruba Dangal

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Jan 21: Sindhupalchowk Police has geared up with all its might to collect reliable evidence on the alleged case of the disappearance of five followers from the ashram of Ram Bahadur Bamjam. Sindhupalchowk police led by DSP Bimal Raj Kandel has been carrying out its investigation into Bandegaun Ashram and Sindhuli-based Ashram with sniffer dogs.

Central Investigation of Bureau of Nepal Police is assisting the investigation team. Earlier, police found nine empty packets of salts while digging a suspicious ground in the course of the investigation. However, no human remains were found. Police had detained six disciples including Indra Bahadur Syangtan from Sindhuli-based Ashram for investigation. However, police have not received any information from them.

According to police, the polygraph test has detected lies in the course of interrogation. Police have also started gathering information from people living in the areas surrounding the ashram. A total of five disciples have been reported missing among which Sancha Lal is said to be killed for which the police has focused the investigation on his murder.

Bomjan had allegedly beaten up Waiba, accusing him of making his followers sick through witchcraft. An eyewitness claimed that Waiba died after he was beaten up by Bomjan and his followers and that his body was buried on the ashram premises. Similarly, Bomjan has been accused of involvement in the disappearance of three nuns from his ashram and the rape of several other nuns.

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