Police claim Sethi is the culprit in Thapa murder case

Published On: December 4, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: DIL BAHADUR CHHATYAL

DHANGADHI, Dec 4: Dhangadhi Police has reached to the conclusion that Ashis Sethi, 28, murdered twenty-five-year-old Bijay Thapa after a heated argument over consumption of heroin in a hotel in Dhangadhi on November 16.

Police, upon being informed by the hotel manager, had arrested Sethi while he was dragging Thapa to a drain near Hotel Kalash while he was bleeding profusely.

Following interrogation, Police on Wednesday announced that the prime suspect Sethi was actually the culprit behind the incident. Sethi was previously released on bail of Rs 50,000 on drug trafficking charges.

Acting chief of Dhangadhi Police, DSP Hari Oli, told Republica that Sethi himself has confessed to the crime. “Sethi himself has confessed that he murdered Thapa,” he said, adding, “He has claimed that he killed Thapa over a heated argument on heroin consumption.”

He added that Sethi, who comes from an affluent family, has confessed that he killed Thapa after Thapa did not give him enough dose of heroin.

“He was trying to drag the body to the drain in order to hide it,” DSP Oli said. Police investigation has revealed that Sethi had asked Thapa to consume alcohol while he refrained from drinking before murdering Thapa.

The murder case had caused much uproar among the public in Kailali, as the police were accused of trying to cover the case. Several rallies were held in Dhangadhi to pressure the police for timely and effective investigation into the case.

The victim's family still accuses police of trying to water down the case.

While police have claimed that Sethi had banged Thapa's head into a wall, dealing the deathblow, Thapa's family has said that the claim is just a measure police are taking to weaken the case. Police had found a blood-soaked piece of wood at the murder site.

“There was a deep wound on the rear side of Bijay's head. He was bleeding from his eyes and ears,” Thapa's mother Sita told Republica, adding, “The police are just trying to weaken the case, Bijay was murdered after being hit by a club.”

DSP Oli claimed that police are currently investigating the club found at the murder site.

“We found a piece of wood at the murder site, and it was drenched in blood,” he said, “We have sent the club to the Forensic Science Laboratory for examination.”

The post-mortem report on the murder case had indicated that Thapa was killed due to an injury to the back of his head.

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