Nepali youth missing in Malaysia since almost two years

Published On: May 13, 2019 05:30 AM NPT By: Maheshwor Chamling Rai

UDAYAPUR, May 13: Six years ago when Pradip Kumar Chaudhary, 32, of Chaudandigadhi Municipality-5, Sundarpur left for Malaysia in course of foreign employment, his family was hopeful that their days will be changed for good.

Sadly, they were unaware that the decision would make their already difficult life more problematic.

Pradip's family members have not been able to have a sound sleep since he went out of contact in Malaysia some two years ago. Reportedly, his whereabouts remain unknown since July 2017. Pradip had left his home with the objective of improving the financial condition of his family.

He had returned home three years ago for the first time after going to Malaysia. His thirteen-year-old daughter, eight-year-old son and wife Kuntadevi, 28, have been keenly waiting for his return. It has been more than two years since they haven't received any phone calls nor heard of him.

He was sent to Malaysia by Pigeon Overseas Pvt Ltd based in Basundhara and was working for WCT Construction Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. After completing his three years' term with the company, he returned home and went again saying he will be working for the same company, according to his brother Udim Narayan Chaudhary.

As he became contactless, his family repeatedly urged the manpower company as well as the Foreign Employment Promotion Board and the agent of the Malaysian company to help them find Pradip but to no avail. Even after such a long time, no authority has found a single clue about him yet. This has deeply saddened his mother Sabdhyadevi.

Pradip had returned home with good earning, according to his family members. That was the reason he decided to go back for the same job again to make more money. Kuntidevi fears her husband might be in some kind of trouble as she knows that he is not the one to abandon his family for anything else.

“He never had any ill feeling toward anyone,” said kuntidevi, adding, “We are worried as he is not in contact with anyone whom we can ask for his whereabouts.”

Earlier, Pradip used to be active in Facebook, Messenger, Emo and Viber but now he has not been using any of them. His mother Sitadevi urged the government to do something to find her son.

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