Mothers can change the world

Published On: December 29, 2019 11:27 AM NPT By: Madhavi Singh Shah

Madhavi Singh Shah

Madhavi Singh Shah

The contributor for Republica.

Divine connections between mothers and children are breaking away worldwide. This can be revived only by empowering mothers

Globalization and modern lifestyle is posing a threat to family system in all parts of the world. Crumbling traditional family system has added further burdens to the mothers though family and motherhood are the foundations that establish culture and civilization. 

 Only mothers can transfer their wits and souls to their children and remain responsive.  Mothers are the first teachers of their children. They hold and enjoy the courage or power to make the children make their first move to the world.  Journey of motherhood is unique and cannot be matched with any other expedition. But challenges for mothers have increased across the world.  

In this context, a very important event to cause a global dialogue and bring about change was undertaken by Madhuri Sahasrabudhe and forwarded by a group of three Indian mothers—Sheetal Deshpande, Urmila Joshi and Madhavi Singh. They commenced “Mothers on Wheels Out to Heal the World” program. They drove around 20 various countries covering 23657 kms in 60 days spreading the message that role of mother and family is important for value-based culture and to educate the future generation about the same. 

They held meetings with mothers at different countries. The realization that global interaction of mothers may contribute to holistic development of future generation added a strong impetus in the path ahead. 

Consequently, International Conference of Global Mothers- 2019 on the theme of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam : Family System and Role of Mother” was conducted by Foundation for Holistic Development in Academic Field at Indira  Gandhi National Center for Arts, New Delhi as the sequel of Mothers on Wheel campaign.    

The basic goal was to bring into light the significance of family system and mother’s role.  Almost 32 plus participants from various countries such as Bulgaria, Iran, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Uzbekistan and India participated in the conference. 

 The conference held from November 15-16 was inaugurated by   M Venkaih Naidu, Vice-President of India.   He emphasized the need to turn the vision of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam into reality so that any types of boundaries or differences do not break the relationship among people. 

Madhuri Sahasrabudhe, convener of the program, illustrated the concept of Vasudhiva Kutumbakam.   She also inspired to contribute for this wonderful initiative for the betterment of mankind.  Further she stressed that the children’s holistic development starts from family, home and mothers.  Education becomes incomplete if it is not backed by value-based culture (Sanskaras). 

The two days intensive workshop imparted philosophical values and scholarly opinions based on family system and mother’s role in global context. All agreed that motherhood is a blissful experience full of sacrifices, love and affection. Emotional bonding in family is important and it should be kept intact.  

The conference highlighted on traditional culture and heritage, humanities, ethical and moral values leading to peace and wellbeing. Both the discourse and interactive sessions were very constructive and valuable to heal the issues that modern society or humanity is bound to face.

 Visits to Mathura, Agra, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai, even staying with host families for few days, to learn about the family system helped to cover the subject matter extensively.  The program was also backed by wonderful cultural programs full of entertainments.  The session on Indian classical music was excellent. 

Divine connections between mothers and children are breaking away worldwide. This can be revived only by empowering mothers. This can prevent breakdown of families, which is happening everywhere, including in Nepal. In this sense, the initiative few mothers have taken is very important. I personally gained a lot. Couple of weeks of togetherness awarded deep, friendship and harmony that joined us for the materialization of mission to make the society or world better place to live in.  I felt blessed to have the wonderful experience of learning and sharing with smiles, care and support. 

Such events are important to send the message that mothers can change the world.

The author is former head of Central Department of Economics, Tribhuvan University 

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