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Published On: March 31, 2017 12:20 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Many of us are guilty of designing fabulous houses but skimping on bathroom décor thinking it’s a room that is supposed to be functional and nothing else. But that’s where we are wrong. A bathroom can be so much more than that. A nice bathroom can be a part of a morning ritual that you actually look forward to. So, pay attention to little things when you design or remodel your bathroom space to add a little bit of luxury in your life.  


Although you can go the traditional way and have a white sink in your bathroom, you can also opt to stand out and add color or style to your bathroom with these handmade wash basins. Not only will you be happy with your choice in the years to come with the rustic personalized basins, your friends and families too are sure to admire your impeccable taste. White sinks, while they look chic and modern, they are also impersonal and don’t say anything about your quirky personality. Stand out by adding this small touch in your bathroom and you might just end up becoming a trendsetter.

For larger bathrooms
A large bathroom is a lot more fun to play around with and decorate, with the larger space giving you more options to experiment. You have the space, it’s now up to you how you want to maximize it. Dividing your bathroom into dry and wet areas is one of the first things you should do. If you add a shower stall, you can even add a vanity set, and store as well as do your makeup inside the bathroom. The stall can help keep the moisture in the air to a minimum so that your makeup isn’t hampered. If you do this, however, you will need to pay attention to the lighting in the bathroom as well. You don’t want to spend hours doing makeup that makes you look like an amateur in daylight. Aside from having a small mirror to do your makeup, also place a full length mirror. 

Choose a color combination for your bathroom that compliments the interiors of your entire house. A large bathroom can have shades of white and grey, with bolder colored accents as the main attraction of the decor. Adding accessories such as a towel rack, toilet paper holder and small cabinets to hold your knick knacks will also go a long way in making your bathroom fully functional. When all these important items have been placed, you can now add items to beautify the washroom. You can add paintings and even a vase with real or fake flowers to make the space look pleasing. Have a small rug that compliments the color scheme of the bathroom in your dry area to make it look a lot more comfortable.  

For a bath
There is nothing more relaxing than soaking into a warm bath with lush essential oils to revitalize you after a long day. There are different types and sizes of tubs to suit your needs. From small sizes to big ones, you can get it all. If you want to splurge and treat yourself, a Jacuzzi with massaging jets can be just what you are looking for.

When buying a bath tub, don’t just go for the size that fits your need the most. Even if you have a small space in which you want a tub to fit, make sure you sit and lay down inside the tub before making the purchase. You want to buy the tub for some relaxing time, which can’t happen if the tub is to cramped and shallow. You should always do some homework before shopping for a tub. Visualize where in your bathroom you want your tub to be and have the exact dimensions ready. Make sure you have enough space for everything and won’t have a bathroom with doors that are unable to close due to the tub. It’s a costly mistake to make.

For small bathrooms 
A small bathroom might pose a big challenge to decorate but it will help you bring out your inner creativity. There are so many things you can do to maximize space and make it look bigger. The poster tiles, tiles that complete one photo across several tiles, on one wall helps create an illusion of bigger space. 

Have floating shelves drilled onto the wall to keep your things in, so that your already small space isn’t taken up by unwanted cabinets. Instead of having a sink cabinet that makes everything bulky, opt for sink skirts, which hide the piping and cleaning products from view while adding a pop of color in your bathroom. 

Stacking is your new best friend. Stack all your knick knacks on small baskets together to store many things in the same place. A large mirror goes a long way to make your bathroom look spacious. Utilize all the space to the max, if you have window sills, use it to store your shampoos and conditioners and hide them with a curtain. The top of your toilet seat can easily house a box full of knick knacks, just chose a unique and vibrant looking box that adds to the look of the bathroom. 


When panning to decorate your bathroom, stick to a color scheme. The people from Classica, Teku advise using the three tiles technique. A typical bathroom needs seven feet of tiles to reach the shower head. The first three are dark and plain, and then comes two tiles of ‘highlighters’ which are basically decorative tiles to grab your attention. The last three tiles are lighter than the highlighters and the base tiles. Lighter tiles at eye level make for a more spacious looking bathroom. 

Know your shower

After a long day at work and navigating through the dusty streets of Kathmandu, all we really crave is a nice long calming shower. There is nothing as soothing as the warm water engulfing you and the steam working to take away all the stress of the day, invigorating you for the evening. There are many kinds of shower heads available that can make each experience entirely different. 

Rainfall shower
This kind of shower heads have small rubber like nubs poking out from where the water flows, making your shower feel like you are standing in the rain. They have a choice of large or small flat heads, and can even be found as ceiling fixtures. These kinds of shower heads are becoming quite popular lately. 

Two flow shower
The two flow shower comes with a button that lets you choose between two types of water flow, rainfall and waterfall. A slit on the side of the showerhead can be activated to rinse your hair easily. You can switch back and forth between the two options easily to make your shower as comfortable as possible. You can also swivel the shower head 360 degrees to enjoy water flow in whichever direction you want. 

Body Shower
If you feel like just a shower isn’t really doing it for you then this is the perfect solution. You can mount them on the walls at different levels so that they hit multiple parts of your body at once and create a luxurious spa like feeling. 

Hand held shower
Instead of being mounted on the wall, these showers are attached to a hose instead. This kind of shower is perfect for a household that has people with different heights and share the same bathroom. This is automatically adjusted to your height as you use it. It also makes rinsing easier and gets water easily wherever you want it.   

Shower stalls
If you are sick of your bathroom floor getting wet every time you take a shower, this is exactly what you might be looking for. With doors that stop water from spraying everywhere, you can find it in many different varieties. 

A shower enclosure is a luxury that will make you enjoy shower times more than you already do, and this comes in a variety of options as well. Install it around the shower you already have or buy a steam cabinet that will make you feel like you are at the spa from the comforts of your own bathroom. With this installation, we are sure you will be looking forward to your next one even as you step out of the shower.

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