MoLESS submits proposal to Council of Ministers to add Domestic Employment Promotion Division

Published On: February 25, 2024 10:10 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security shifts focus towards promotion of domestic employment

KATHMANDU, Feb 25: The Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security (MoLESS) has realized the need for promoting domestic employment and has taken  initiative to this end.

Until now, the MoLESS  has not shown much interest in promoting domestic employment while planning to maximize Nepali youths’ participation in foreign employment. The ministry aims to actively address this gap by prioritizing the promotion of domestic employment. 

Although the MoLESS has done a lot of work related to foreign employment, the officials of the ministry admit that it has not been able to work significantly with a focus on domestic employment.

According to Deepak Dhakal, under secretary of the MoLESS and member secretary of the committee formed to restructure the ministry, the MoLESS has submitted a proposal to the Council of Ministers to add a ‘Domestic Employment Promotion Division' within the ministry for the promotion of domestic employment. 

He said that the MoLESS aims to expedite job creation for the nation's youth and enhance its coordination role within the sector. 

Joint Secretary and Spokesperson for the MoLESS, Rajeev Pokharel, said that there is a necessity of establishing a separate division within the MoLESS for the promotion of internal employment. This division will be responsible for formulating policies to facilitate employment within the country.

Officials clarified that no additional posts have been created within the ministry or its subordinate agencies for this purpose, in line with the government's policy for this fiscal year. Joint Secretary Pokharel emphasized that the current budget prohibits the creation of new structures or positions across all government services, regulatory bodies, and public institutions.

“The government has given the highest priority to the growth of domestic production and job creation. Preparations are being made to conduct a domestic employment promotion campaign to create employment opportunities within the country,” he said.

Currently, the MoLESS comprises Employment Management Division, Administration Division and Labor Relations and Social Security Division. It is said that the Domestic Employment Promotion Division will coordinate with the relevant stakeholders to implement the job creation program within the country.

The MoLESS is also planning to launch the domestic employment promotion decade campaign from the next fiscal year 2024/25.

According to the officials of the MoLESS, the campaign will involve direct coordination and cooperation with the national and international organizations working in the field of labor and employment including all three levels of government, employers, thematic associations, and skill development institutes.

Despite a significant number of Nepali youths seeking foreign employment annually, MoLESS assures efforts to manage and optimize domestic employment opportunities. Modifications to the Prime Minister's Employment Program are also underway to enhance labor market outcomes.

According to Krishna Bhusal, information officer of the MoLESS, many citizens from neighboring India come to Nepal and become self-employed and they earn millions of rupees. He added that orientation for labor culture is necessary to end the situation where Nepalis citizens are hesitant to work within their own country. He said that necessary preparations should be made so that they can provide loans at cheap rates through the banking system for Nepalis seeking foreign employment.


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