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Nepal: The ‘Lahure’ legacy continues albeit in different forms and destinations

Published On: February 19, 2024 07:05 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: The tradition of the recruitment of Gorkha Soldiers locally known as 'Lahure' in Nepali society is about two hundred years old. Nepalis currently working abroad are, in one way or another, giving continuity to the same Lahure tradition.

DoFE grants work permits to 3 million workers for foreign employment

Published On: February 15, 2024 09:45 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Feb 15: Young individuals are venturing into labor abroad after obtaining work permits from the government in pursuit of good income. Each year, millions of youths seek employment opportunities overseas due to the lack of job opportunities domestically.

Nepali women face harsh realities of foreign employment in Gulf countries

Published On: February 12, 2024 12:30 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Feb12: A woman from Jhapa who reached Kuwait for foreign employment returned within four months. An agent close to her friend facilitated her journey to Kuwait, promising lucrative employment opportunities at a reputable company.

Govt fails to implement new fee structure for Pre-Departure Orientation Training in two decades

Published On: January 22, 2024 08:00 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: The government’s decision to hike the fee for the Pre-Departure Orientation Training (PDOT) for Nepalis opting for foreign employment has sparked a strong protest. The fee which was earlier Rs 700 has been increased to Rs 2,800 as per the demand of the training providers.

Foreign employment: 539 deaths in six months

Published On: January 17, 2024 12:15 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Jan 17: Along with the surge in the number of Nepalis going abroad for employment, the death toll of Nepali youth is also increasing. According to the Foreign Employment Board (FEB), 539 individuals have lost their lives during foreign employment till the end of Paush (by mid-January) in the current fiscal year.

Govt's 'secret' Malaysian employment deal embroiled in dispute

Published On: January 11, 2024 09:30 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: The Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) has expressed serious objection to a secret agreement concluded on December 6 between the Foreign Employment Board of the Government of Nepal and the Malaysian private company 'Foreign Workers Welfare Management Center' (FWWMC).

414 foreign nationals receive work permits in Nepal in five months of current FY

Published On: January 3, 2024 09:30 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: For years, a significant number of Nepali youths have been seeking employment abroad due to the challenges of finding jobs within the country. The lack of interest among Nepali youths in the available domestic job opportunities has resulted in a significant surge of foreigners coming to Nepal to work in various fields. The remittances sent back to their home countries by these foreign workers contribute significantly to their economies. In the first five months of the current fiscal year (mid-July to mid-December), 414 foreign nationals were granted work permits in Nepal, while during the same period, approximately 300,000 Nepalis migrated abroad for employment.

Over 71,000 Nepalis obtained labor permits to work abroad in Mangsir alone

Published On: December 31, 2023 01:45 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 31: The number of young people aspiring to go abroad after facing unemployment in the country is constantly increasing. In comparison to the month of Kartik (mid-October to mid-November), the number of individuals obtaining work permits has nearly doubled in Mangsir (mid-November to mid-December).

Manpower entrepreneur assaulted at DoFE

Published On: December 23, 2023 10:00 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 23: A manpower entrepreneur faced assault within the premises of the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) as a woman returning from Kuwait for foreign employment physically attacked Nirmal Rai Amat, the director of KP International Overseas Manpower.

EPS significantly helps to eliminate fraud in foreign employment

Published On: December 21, 2023 06:20 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: While many young people seeking foreign employment often fall victim to scams, a government agency is effectively managing the process with transparency. The Employment Permit System (EPS), implemented by the government 18 years ago, has proven to have a positive impact.

Chinese gangs exploit Nepali youths in 'online scamming' operations

Published On: December 13, 2023 11:00 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 13: In the guise of foreign employment, Nepali youths are being lured to various countries and falling victim to 'online scamming,' with Chinese criminal networks playing a significant role in this illicit activity.

Nepalis joining the Russian army amidst risks of fatalities

Published On: December 12, 2023 05:10 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: Nepalis aspiring for foreign employment have put themselves in jeopardy by taking advantage of the Russia-Ukraine war. Despite the associated risks, the surge in Nepali youth heading to Russia this year is attributed to the pursuit of employment opportunities.

Nepali youths stage protest demanding fair opportunity to go to Korea for foreign employment

Published On: December 8, 2023 09:20 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 8: Young people willing to go to Korea for foreign employment are demanding that the quota for 2024 be opened in 2024 instead of now. To get this demand of theirs addressed, they initiated a protest on Tuesday, which lasted for four days, concluding on Friday.

Why do job aspirants overlook govt to seek information for foreign employment?

Published On: December 7, 2023 09:21 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 7: Aspiring to work abroad? Seeking information on the recruitment process? More often than not, individuals seek agents and manpower companies for guidance, bypassing government agencies. This inclination raises the question: why isn't the government the first point of inquiry?

Gender and sexual minorities suffer abuse in foreign employment

Published On: December 3, 2023 03:30 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Gender and sexual minorities have to suffer abuse in foreign employment as well. A 40-year-old Sunita Lama is one of the victims of such abuse. Although biologically born a male, Sunita considers herself a woman. She prefers to be known as Sunita. While going for foreign employment, she changed to a male identity.

Dream of going to UK shattered as unscrupulous agent deceives more than 50 people

Published On: November 26, 2023 08:30 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Nov 26: More than 50 young people have fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme promising opportunities in the UK. The victims allege that Amrit Lama from Kavre exploited them, extorting millions of rupees by enticing them with promises of excellent services and high salaries in the UK. On Wednesday, the victims filed a complaint against Lama at the Department of Foreign Employment.

UAE becomes a preferred destination for Nepali migrant workers

Published On: November 18, 2023 10:00 AM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Nov 18: In the first three months of the current fiscal year, the UAE has become the primary labor destination for Nepali youths seeking employment abroad. According to data from the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), 37,492 young people arrived in the UAE for work between mid-July and mid-October of the current fiscal year alone. This group includes 7,015 women and 30,477 men.

Dhanusha district records highest number of people going abroad for foreign employment

Published On: November 4, 2023 02:30 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: The latest data shows that the number of people who go abroad for foreign employment is the highest in Dhanusha district. From the beginning of the current fiscal year (FY) 2023/24 till Ashoj (mid-September to mid-October), a total of 7,822 people went to work abroad from Dhanusha.

Nepalis trying to enter US illegally from different countries sent back from Turkey

Published On: October 10, 2023 05:00 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: A total of 49 Nepalis who were attempting to enter the United States (US) illegally through various countries have been sent back to Nepal. They were sent back from Turkey on Saturday, en route to the US via Mexico. They tried to enter America through different countries including India and Mexico.

Rising trend: Increasing numbers of Nepali youth seek foreign work opportunities

Published On: October 3, 2023 08:00 PM NPT By: Sabita Khadka

KATHMANDU, Oct 3: An upward trend in the issuance of work permits for foreign employment reflects the growing desire among Nepali youth to seek employment abroad due to a dearth of domestic job opportunities offering good service conditions.