Karnali Province also implementing employment program

Published On: January 16, 2020 10:47 AM NPT By: GANESH BISHU

Seeks projects from local units  for Rs 380 million program

BIRENDRANAGAR, Jan 16: The Chief Minister Employment Program, which aims at employing jobless people of Karnali Province, is about to enter the implementation phase. 

The provincial has asked all local units to submit their programs for implementation of the project.

The program targets at improving living standard of poor and unemployed people and also contributing to reduce poverty.

“The program is being implemented to develop human resources and increase their access to local market, stop labor migration and help in socio-economic development of the province through infrastructure development by creating jobs for unemployed people," Bimala KC, the spokesperson for the Government of Karnali Province, told Republica.  

She also added that the provincial government has taken the strategy of collaborating and coordinating with development partners as well as non-government organizations to avoid duplication of projects and activities to be implemented under the program.

According to the provincial government, the local units have been asked to suggest labor-intensive projects based on the need at the local level. Such projects could be multi-year, according to KC.

Kewal Prasad Bhandari, principal secretary of Karnali provincial government, said that Rs 380 million has been set aside to implement the program.  

The provincial government had sought projects from 79 municipalities and rural municipalities of 10 districts. Local units have been asked to select projects that could be completed in 15 days, specifying the number of jobs that they create. However, the provincial government has received cold response from the local. The local units have not yet submitted their projects to the provincial government yet. As a result, the implementation of this program is getting delayed.

"We have received projects from few local units. But they have only proposed the project and its budget. They have not specified project duration as well as number of people that will be employed," added Bhandari. He added that the total budget of the projects proposed by local units is above Rs 1 billion.

The program looks similar to the Prime Minister Employment Program introduced by the federal government.

"As most of the youths of Karnali Province has been leave the country for employment, the program could be crucial to stop such migration. As the program will use their skills in the country itself," he said, adding: "However, local units do not seem to be serious about this program."

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