KATHMANDU, Jan 31: A senior Chinese professor has highlighted the significance of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) for the economic development of landlocked countries including Nepal.

Gifts from India

January 31, 2020 10:32 am

First of all, let us congratulate India for celebrating its 71st Republic Day with all the usual tadak-bhadak that comes with hosting a parade. I think our government should also do the same and not confine the usual Republic Day program inside Tundikhel. Our netas and Nepal Army should celebrate all parades out on the streets. Let us all stand by the sidewalks and clap, wave our flags and enjoy the parades outside Tundikhel. Why not host the celebration along the Ring Road route?

Lessons from Southeast Asia

January 22, 2020 09:51 am

For many decades, South East Asian countries went under-noticed. No more so. The politically and socio-economically turbulent region of the past attracted 11.5 percent of global FDI inflows worth around USD155 billion in 2018. The major reason for this economic impetus resides in their commitment for regionalism, enhanced connectivity to foster intra and inter-regional trade and innovation policies that stimulate socio-economic development. For Nepal, this achievement can provide valuable lessons in terms of policy measures and robust implementation mechanism to overcome ‘rent-seeking mentality’.  Lessons from ASEAN economies are quintessential on grounds of our similar political, economic and cultural experiences and geo-proximity.

BIRENDRANAGAR, Jan 16: The Chief Minister Employment Program, which aims at employing jobless people of Karnali Province, is about to enter the implementation phase.

KATHMANDU, Feb 22:The United Kingdom has expressed commitment to continue its support for Nepal's socio-economic development.