JUNE 1: 6 things to know by 6 PM today

Published On: June 1, 2018 06:00 PM NPT

Palpa bus mishap death toll climbs to 14

Fourteen staffers were killed and 10 others have sustained serious injuries after a bus fell 200 meters down the road at Rambha rural municipality-4 today morning. The passenger bus (Lu 1 Kha 975) was en route to Rampur from Palpa, Tansen for a picnic organized by Laxmi Finance Savings and Credit Cooperative. Those injured are receiving treatment at Lumbini Medical Hospital and United Mission Hospital.

Nepal’s temperature raises by 0.5 degree Celsius in 27 years

Nepal’s temperatures rose from -0.124 (-17.84 degree Celsius) degree Fahrenheit to 0.781 (-17.34 degree Celsius) degree Fahrenheit in 2017, according to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. According to NASA, average global temperature rose by 1.8 degree Fahrenheit since 1980. This has led to sea level rise by 3.2 millimeters and ice sheet melting to 413 gigatonnes every year.

President appoints two ministers representing FSFN

Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s Upendra Yadav (Minister for Health and Population) and Mohammed Ishtiyak Rai (Minister for Urban Development) were administered with the oath of office and secrecy by President Bidhya Devi Bhandari.  The two FSFN leaders agreed to join the government after it reached two-point agreement with Nepal Communist Party on May 28.   

Home Minister hopes for devt, promises ending syndicate

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has hoped that the government’s budget would be sufficient to expedite development projects and contribute to attain double-digit economic growth by the next couple of years. He also expressed commitment to control black, act tough against corruption and come up with stringent actions if contractors were to delay development projects. 

Spain's government collapses after no confidence vote

Mariano Rajoy was ousted as Spain’s prime minister after the country’s parliament voted that it had no confidence in his government. Rajoy has been replaced by his socialist rival Pedro Sanchez, who has pledged to call fresh elections in the autumn. The outgoing centre-right prime minister, who was in office since 2011, was kicked out of office following a series of corruption scandals that rocked his government and led to ministerial resignations.

‘Breakthrough’ blood test could detect cancer years before you fall ill

A new blood test, the liquid biopsy could detect symptoms of several types of cancers years before a person falls ill. In its trial stage, the test proved particularly successful in detecting genetic diseases, including pancreatic and ovarian cancers. A trial of around 1,600 people found the non-invasive procedure to identify DNA markers works with up to 90% accuracy. Termed as the ‘holy grail’, the test can detect cancer cells months or years before it actually develops.



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