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Is there a perfect ending?

Published On: July 13, 2016 07:01 AM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

It is always nice to come across people who take the next step in their life after being in love for a while. They love the moment when they tie the knot and nothing could be more special to them. These are the lucky ones as they enjoy an amazing moment each day of them being together. But, perfection is an understatement. I have met a lot of people who complain that something is missing in their life. At times it is the incompatibility with people in their family. Or maybe it could be the thought of taking the other person for granted.

And then there are those who are not ready for the wedding. The thought of responsibility scares them and they want to prolong the time as much as they can. They are certain about the person they want to be with but are not sure about the time. These situations lead to a closure if nothing happens about the relationship. The decision of breaking up can be quick and severe. Have we experienced a perfect closure?

Breaking up on good terms is not easy because both care about each other but don’t want to be together anymore. There’s this inevitable magnetic pull to each other. If a person still loves a person and hates too then it leads to hating them even more. They want each other in their lives for whatever reason, but they don’t want any involvement.
It seems simple enough to try and maintain a friendship. But then when we see the person we loved with other people, it is tough to watch. The mindboggling thing is to see the person they loved fall in love with somebody else. It hurts but they feel that it was a choice. This kind of breakup is tough as the feeling lingers. Sometimes it doesn’t vanish right away and they may not disappear. Maybe no one committed any catastrophic move for it to end. That is when the love is never over, and neither is the relationship.

The perfect ending of a relationship is a myth and it can never happen. Also, ending the relationship on a mutual basis cannot happen. There needs to be a reason for one to not want it anymore. The feelings that dwell in the heart asks for a farewell. And the love that they had for each other shouldn’t overcome the lovey-dovey emotions. Moreover, the pain in the heart and mind needs to dilute the memories that they have had together once. When this happens then perhaps the time has come for closure.  
In the end, it’s painful, exhausting, and difficult. But it’s never too late to realize that there is no perfect ending.

Shikha is a Chartered Accountant

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