Is there God?

Published On: April 7, 2018 12:34 AM NPT By: Esan Bhusal

Esan Bhusal

Esan Bhusal

The contributor for Republica.

Most people are atheists only because their desires never get fulfilled or they have had a sad or difficult life, or have lost someone they loved

Is there a God? I often get drawn towards the debate on whether there is God. And very often I find atheists winning the argument. If there are gods, where are they? Why don’t we see them? Why has science failed to prove their existence? These are only fundamental questions.  

There are some humanitarian questions too. If god created us, why are poor people dying of malnutrition? Why are children being murdered and why is there no sense of justice? These questions as a matter of fact keep the every theist tightlipped, as they do not have answer to these questions. If there are/were gods and we keep worshipping them, why do gods fail to appear in front of us? If we worship god, then god should show the presence.   

We need to understand morality to understand religion. There is no sense of justice in nature. Justice is a man-made system.  While the philosophy behind religion has a great ideological and ethical value, in reality it cannot be applied. The parameters for moral standards are unrealistically high though many people live with fear of god. 

Morality is a subjective matter. What I do may be moral to me. The same thing could be an immoral act for others. 

The problem with atheism is not philosophical, it is more psychological. Atheism clearly indicates a clear state of mind towards existence of god. Very few atheists are sincere about their disbelief. Most people are atheists only because their desires never get fulfilled or they have had a sad or difficult life, or have lost someone they loved very deeply. 

In most of the cases atheism is being guided by unfulfilled desires. And it is clear in the form of hate towards theist beliefs. 

Most atheists claim themselves to be more rational for not believing in imaginary figures. The sense of self-worth is often expressed in form of insult or hatred towards theists, idols or beliefs. 
Skeptic mind has no hatred or any form of insult directed toward anywhere. If I don’t believe that there are unicorns, I don’t say people who wish to see unicorns are stupid. It is obvious that horses don’t have wings. 

I am quite surprised by the amount of hatred towards religion. There are blogs, pages and websites which are at war with religion and theism. This hatred is illogical.

There are terrorist attacks in the name of god, but it is not god who is teaching someone to be a bomber or religious preacher. It is desire of people who always want to be in power. Why is there hate then? 

Religion makes people ‘blind’ most of the time, because humans easily develop sense of prejudice. The same thing seems to have hijacked atheism. Atheism is not guided by skeptical mind seeking truth.

Back in 2014 a popular film PK was released in India. The film quickly became a sensation like a wild fire. It was successful in communicating the central idea of god and how people interpreted god, and how business got evolved around the idea of god. The film inspired many people to become atheists. 

It is claimed that Madam Curie expressed herself as an atheist after losing her sister and mother in an accident. Void and emotional dissatisfactions plays a crucial role in our beliefs patterns.

Sincere atheism has a lot to offer to mankind. Even theists are not sincere most of the time, for their faith is either guided by fear, desire or hope most of the times. 

If we remove insecurities, fear, hope, void and all emotional components, world will have its population of believers and non-believers squeezed by a huge margin. Emotions play a crucial role in influencing thought patterns. So the major question is not whether the god does exist. Major question is whether we believe it exists or does not exist and how.   

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