Flowers for your home

Published On: February 17, 2017 12:30 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

We all love flowers around the house. The effect a bunch of roses has on our mood as well as the ambience is tremendous. However, buying them every day or even every week isn’t a very financially viable option. We at The Week visited a few flower shops around town to find out simple ways to arrange flowers to liven up your living space as well as tricks to make them stay fresh longer.  

Simple pile on

This simple method can make your dining table look extra elegant and make it dinner party ready with minimal effort. You can use flowers and different kinds of leaves you find around your house and once you buy the oasis foam, you can reuse it many times. 

Materials required
-Square of Oasis foam
-Fern leaves
-Flowers of your choice

Place the oasis foam that has been dipped in water on a bowl or a plate. This can be purchased for very cheap at flower shops. Cut the stem and the ferns into sizes you desire and insert them all around the oasis foam. The water in the foam will make the flowers remain fresh for a longer period of time. 

Repurposed vase

We all have many small bottles lying around the house that are too cute to be thrown away but you don’t really have any use for them as well. This trick not only lets you find a purpose for them but also tells you how you can make your flowers stand up straight and not let them droop within a day.  

Materials required
A clear glass or plastic bottle (Keventers milkshakes bottle shown)
-A piece of wire
-String (optional)

Buy a length of wire from your local flower shop and cut them into 5 to 7 inch pieces. Insert one end of the wire through the stem into the head of the flower and wrap the rest of the wire around the steam. This will stop your flowers from drooping. After having done this to a few flowers; tie them all together with another piece of wire or a string and place them into your repurposed vase.    

A bunch of flowers

Make a pretty bunch of flowers to gift to your dear ones or put them in a vase as a décor for your living room. This is very basic and can be done easily within minutes.

Materials required
-Flowers with long stem (roses here)
-Gypsy flowers

Gather the flower one by one in a bunch, adding the gypsy flowers as you go along. You can use as many flowers as you want to and tie them all together using a string or a wire. You can wrap it up in a see through wrapping paper if you want to give it to someone, or put it just like that in the vase. 

The grand bouquet 

Be it wedding invites or dinner parties, you will not have to spend a lot on simple bouquets anymore. Easy enough to make, you can purchase a few items and use a few from your own garden to make a cheap and economical piece. 

Materials required
Three long stemmed gladiolus flowers
-Other types of flowers that you like
-Two 30-centimeter pieces of wire

Text: Isha Upadhyay
Photos: Pratik Rayamajhi 
Location: Pushpa Kunja Flower Shop, Tripureshwor, Puja Flower Shop, Jhamsikhel 


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