Don’t let your horoscope determine your day!

Published On: April 21, 2017 11:15 PM NPT By: Akanksha Budha

KATHMANDU, April 21: Early in the morning, when I get my hands on the newspaper I always seem to catch myself flipping straight to the horoscope section. It’s not uncommon for teens; even some adults skim through the whole newspaper without reading or understanding anything and only reading with so much concentration when they reach the horoscope section. People’s belief on their zodiac signs and horoscopes seem to baffle other people who turn a blind eye when it comes to those kinds of things.

But what makes such a large amount of people believe in it? Possibly it is because all have this unquenchable thirst to know about our future. I guess this is how horoscopes, tarot cards, fortune-tellers seem to attract such bigger crowds. Although I don’t blindly believe in these kinds of things but I often find myself going through horoscopes for the sake of comfort. Comfort because I am always anxious about how my day will go. As a student I know how much these ‘forecasts’ matter to us to find out whether we will get punished  by our teachers for not completing work at school. I have seen my friends releasing a sigh of relief whenever their zodiac sign has 4 or 5 stars. They let out excited squeals and shouting ‘YES!’ or fist-bump in the air. The horoscopes seem to give people the satisfaction they need at times of need. Some people reach an extreme level of belief which is not healthy. Yes, there should be belief but in a limited amount. You should always be able to draw a line to your beliefs and reality.

Although it’s fun to read about your so called ‘future’ from daily horoscopes. You should not take everything seriously that’s written about you. The words written or printed might seem to make sense on some days but those words won’t ever describe your future in absolute accuracy. Life is an epitome of spontaneity and we never know what might happen in the next few seconds. Just because your horoscope says you’ll get a promotion or win a lottery it doesn’t mean you will in real life get an instant promotion or win a lottery. 

Fate is in our hands. We can never get success if we just keep our hands in our pockets. You cannot get a good job just because your horoscope told you so. Until and unless you get up and work hard, you won’t be getting the job anytime soon.  We often feel connected to horoscopes because it makes sense when everything in our life doesn’t seem to make any sense at all. Horoscopes to many people is  a form of getaway, a solace. But how are you ever going to grow, when you keep letting yourself be pulled down by those stereotypical words. You have your own identity. You’re not what the horoscope says you are. You are your own person and you make your own day. 

Have faith and do not let those stars determine how your day will go. Have faith but don’t throw your rationality out of the window during the process because the fault in your stars shouldn’t determine the fault in your day. You are the master of you own world and always have a choice to pave your own road.


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