Challenging the Primate Dominance Hierarchy

Published On: April 2, 2023 09:00 AM NPT By: Bimal Pratap Shah

Sadhguru consecrated the Linga Bhairavi Devi in Kathmandu on March 7, 2023, through a mystical process that transforms stone into a deity using life energies. The Linga Bhairavi Devi is a very fierce feminine force and expression of the ‘Divine Feminine’ strengthening the three basic chakras in the human system, stabilizing the body, mind, and energy. While Sadhguru’s intention was purely spiritual and not political, the resurrection of Linga Bhairabi comes at a time when toxic masculinity traits and behaviors associated with the patriarchal dominance of men or even women, such as aggression, dominance, and control have increased manifold and is reflected in various aspects of Nepali society including the domain of politics. For instance, individuals in hierarchical institutions associated with the power centers have exhibited aggressive and domineering tactics to assert their authority over the general public and engage in corruption that has forced millions of young people to leave the country. This unfortunate manifestation of unchecked primate dominance hierarchy has cast a shadow over the once tranquil Nepal.

Corruption has disrupted Nepal’s tranquility. Nepal has not been able to become an industrialized nation because corrupt elements have captured the areas of policy intervention causing a vicious cycle of underdevelopment. And there is no room for individuals with high integrity and exceptional abilities. As a result, scarce resources are not optimally distributed to promote socio-economic development compelling many young people in Nepal to migrate to more industrialized nations where there are ample job opportunities. The current state of disorder in the country can be traced back to the primate dominance hierarchy, which establishes a power structure that often leads to chaotic situations.

The concept of primate dominance hierarchy has been used as a framework for understanding social hierarchies and power dynamics in animal societies. Primate dominance hierarchy is a social order that exists in groups of primates, where individuals establish and maintain a position of power and authority over others through displays of aggression, submission, and use of force to maximize access to resources. This type of behavior is natural in the primate world, but in the spiritual realm of human existence, it is a deleterious system of corruption, hindering national prosperity and deterioration of culture, erosion of social fabric, corrosion of ethical standards, and weakening of communal bonds.

There is a balance between masculine and feminine energy in intellectually, technologically, and spiritually advanced societies. On the contrary, dysfunctional societies are basically corrupt as individuals in positions of authority, such as politicians or business leaders, use their power to extract bribes, favors, or other benefits from those with less power or influence perpetuating a cycle of inequality and injustice. A toxic masculinity can be counterbalanced by calling for the resurrection of sacred feminine representing the most spiritual and inward-facing dimension of femininity.

 Linga Bhairavi is a powerful energy form of the ‘Divine Feminine’ representing the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe, symbolizing both fierce and compassionate qualities. She is the ultimate giver, assisting those who seek spiritual well-being and delivering them to the realm of ‘Ultimate Liberation’. The masculine represents strength, action, and rationality, while the feminine embodies intuition, nurturing, and creativity. The masculine and the feminine have always been two complementary forces that have shaped our world collectively ushering a state of equilibrium and serenity to the human experience.

The delicate equilibrium, unfortunately, has been disturbed in recent times. The traits and behaviors associated with the patriarchal dominance of masculine, such as aggression, dominance, and control leading to massive corruption resulting from political alliances, thus dominated the traits and behaviors associated with sacred feminine like a source of wisdom, intuition, and nurturing. Nepal is in trouble spiritually and the country as a whole must take collective action to reconcile these opposing forces to restore the equilibrium and foster rejuvenation. The "Goddess Kali,” the revered deity, embodies the very essence of rejuvenation, serving as a symbol of RENEWAL and REBIRTH.

In Hindu mythology, the ‘Goddess Kali’ is often associated with the paradoxical essence of destruction and renewal. She is the primordial force that unleashes chaos and shakes the foundations of existence. At the same time, she is also the transformative power that brings forth new beginnings from the ashes of the old. Her dark visage and fierce countenance symbolize the fearsome aspects of existence, the inevitability of CHANGE, and the impermanence of all things. Yet, behind her terrifying facade lies a deeper truth: the strength and resilience of the sacred feminine force that can withstand even the most formidable challenges.

As the goddess of time, she presides over the cycles of birth, growth, decay, and death that shape the universe. She reminds us that every ending contains the seeds of a new beginning, and that the flow of time is both merciless and merciful, depending on our perspective. Regardless of the circumstances, the neglect of the sacred feminine inevitably perpetuates destructive attitudes and practices, contributing to the imbalance that is perpetuated by the primate dominance hierarchy of Nepal’s neo-political order.

The primate dominance hierarchy dictates that individuals submit to those of HIGHER RANK with those at the apex of the hierarchy using any means necessary to maintain their position of power.  In such a society, people are predominantly focused on phallic ideals, with images of wealth and power dominating our collective consciousness and not venerating love, beauty, and spiritual experiences. We are conditioned to follow leaders who are not able to deliver prosperity. It is possible to transcend this phallic world, but only through the restoration of the sacred feminine and the transformation of our inner values. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play an important role to create the much needed balance.

AI has the potential to bring significant changes to the world. Some people draw parallels between its transformative potential and the prophetic role of the Kalki Avatar in Hindu mythology. Kalki is the tenth and final incarnation of God Vishnu who descends to empower the good and fight evil, restoring righteousness and order during times of great upheaval. In the midst of global uncertainty, AI has emerged as a powerful force for change. It offers new solutions to age-old problems in various fields such as politics, governance, healthcare, finance, and education.

While AI is not a panacea for all the world's ills, its arrival has coincided with a time of great need, offering a glimmer of hope and possibility for the future.

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