Cases of domestic violence rampant in Gulmi

Published On: July 24, 2017 02:30 AM NPT By: SHIVA LAL SUBEDI

GULMI, July 23: On February 12, Sarita Khatri, 23, of what was former Darbar Devisthan VDC-3, filed a complaint against her husband at the District Police Office (DPO), Gulmi, accusing him of making her life hell. Five days later, police called both of them for reconciliation and the issue was resolved. On March 13, Puja Budhathoki, 24, of Resunga Municipality-14, filed a complaint against her husband Bam Bahadur BK, 25, accusing him of keep beating her. Though police tried to resolve the issue, Puja was not ready for reconciliation. She instead approached the District Court. These two women are only the representatives of the dozens of domestic violence cases registered at the DPO.  

Police records show the number of domestic violence cases is high in Gulmi. In fiscal year 2016/17, more than 80 such cases were registered at the Women and Children Cell of the Gulmi DPO, according Jharna Pariyar, a police officer of the cell. Similarly, in fiscal year 2015/16, as many as 134 such cases and in the fiscal year 2014/15, there were 258 such cases.

On January 30, Bhupal Singh, 30 of what was former Jubhung VDC, filed a complaint against his wife Minkala Subedi, 25 accusing her of leaving his home and start living at her parental home without his consent. The next day, police called both the parties for reconciliation but the wife was not ready to reconcile as per the terms of her husband. So, DPO forwarded the case to the court for a divorce. Likewise, Chudamani Acharya of what was former Paralmi VDC-6, filed a complaint against his wife Srijana, who was living with her parents since he left home for foreign employment and later refused to come back. 
The story of Min Bahadur Gharti of Hadhade is no different. He has also filed a complaint against his wife who left his home after he went for foreign employment. Though he asked her to return home, she refused. Even the police could not solve the issue. So, the case was forwarded to the court. 

 Last year, there were altogether six complaints registered from male 'victims' at the DPO. It has been found that most of the male victims are the ones who live in foreign countries for employment. 

 According to Mahendra Nepal, DSP at the DPO, Gulmi, the major reason behind domestic violence is drinking. In most of the cases, drunkard husbands are found abusing their wives physically and mentally. “Most of the cases are of family disputes and physical violence is the result of the production and consumption of homemade drinks,” he said. 

But women activist Kamala Baral says that the reasons behind such issues are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, religious and traditional misconceptions. According to her, it is very much important for the government to make education, employment and other necessities accessible to all citizens.

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