Landslide claims two in Gulmi

September 22, 2020 14:46 pm

GULMI, Sept 22: Two persons were buried and one more sustained injuries in a landslide occurred on Monday night at Ratchaur village of Hastichaur in Isma Rural Municipality-2, Gulmi.

Man beaten to death in Gulmi

September 7, 2020 13:05 pm

GULMI, Sept 6: A man in Gulmi died after he was beaten by an unidentified person.

GULMI, August 1: Four members of a family died when a house was buried by a landslide at Aatipata of Ruru Kshetra Rural Municipality-5 in Gulmi district on Friday night.

GULMI, July 27: The Ridi-Rudrabeni road section along the Kaligandaki Corridor in Gulmi district has been obstructed for the last three days.

KATHMANDU, July 19: A newly-appointed lawmaker of Nepali Congress (NC) Suwarna Jwarchan has taken oath of office and secrecy amidst a special function organized at the Parliament Secretariat in Singha Durbar on Sunday.  Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Agni Sapkota administered her oath of office and secrecy.

GULMI, July 3: A landslide in Gulmi killed two children on Thursday night. A man has gone missing in the incident.

GULMI, June 19: Forty-eight more cases of COVID-19 were reported in Gulmi on Friday.

GULMI, June 19: Gulmi district has reported a total of 106 cases of novel coronavirus as 46 new cases were confirmed earlier on Thursday.

GULMI, June 19: One person who was staying at home quarantine here in the district died on Thursday evening.

GULMI, May 26: Two more persons tested positive for COVID-19 in Gulmi district. With this, the total number of the people infected by this fatal disease has reached four in the district.

GULMI, May 18: Gulmi district reported its first COVID-19 case on Monday.

GULMI, March 18: Heavy rains and frost since mid-January have damaged coffee plants in Gulmi and other coffee-growing districts in western Nepal.

PALPA, Jan 15: Thousands of devotees have thronged Ruru Kshetra (also known as Ridi) to take a holy dip in the Kaligandaki River which is considered to be a holy river and has been mentioned in various scriptures of Hindu religion for ages.

KATHMANDU, Dec 8: The government has launched focused program for orange and maize in Gulmi district, targeting to boost commercial farming of these agricultural products, despite the government failing to achieve notable success in similar programs that were implemented in the past.

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November 2, 2019 18:00 pm

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3 dead bodies found in Gulmi

November 2, 2019 13:42 pm

GULMI, Nov 2: Three dead bodies have been found at Gaidhunga, Harrachour of Chandrakot rural municipality in the eastern Gulmi.

PALPA, Sept 17: Despite high demand of coffee both in internal and foreign markets, the country is producing coffee far below its capacity.

GULMI, Aug 26: A pillion rider died in Gulmi after falling off the motorcycle on Monday.

GULMI, July 30: After a week of landslides rendering them homeless, nearly 400 families of Thulo Lumpek, Gulmi have received relief. According to Gulmi Chief District Officer (CDO) Yadunath Poudel, medicines and food items were distributed to the victims on Monday.

RUPANDEHI, July 25: The death toll from a landslide at Satyabati rural municipality of Gulmi district has reached 13.

KATHMANDU, July 25: Death toll in Tuesday’s Gulmi landslide has reached to 12 after rescuers recovered bodies of three missing locals on Wednesday.

GULMI, July 24: At least nine persons have died and four others are missing in Gulmi district after landslides triggered by torrential rains swept away the villages of Limgha and Thulolumpek in the wee hours of Tuesday.

GULMI, July 23: The death toll from landslides in Satyawati rural municipality has climbed to eight on Tuesday afternoon.

GULMI, July 23: At least six persons were killed and five others went missing due to landslides triggered by incessant rains in Gulmi District on Monday night.

GULMI, July 4: Three persons were killed and five others sustained injuries in a jeep accident that took place at Sindhikhark near Supadeurali temple in Gulmi district.

GULMI, June 12: The law has criminalized caste-based discrimination and the practice of untouchability.

GULMI, June 2: Dhurkot Rural Municipality of Gulmi has started providing employment opportunities to the locals under the Prime Minister Employment Program (PMEP).

GULMI, April 28: The entire village of Dajakot, Musikot Municipality-4, in Gulmi has been suffering from a diarrhoea outbreak since Wednesday evening. The outbreak gone haywire is yet to be brought under control even after four days have passed since it began.

GULMI, April 26: A diarrhea epidemic plaguing a rural village of Gulmi district for the past week is yet to come under control. Over 100 people have taken ill from the disease so far, and the number is on the rise, said local representative Hari Chhantyal.

Teenage raped in Gulmi

April 18, 2019 15:22 pm

GULMI, April 18: A 14-year-old girl of Chhatrakot rural municipality-6 in Gulmi district has been raped. Samir Miya, a.k.a. Hanuman, 45, of Tansen municipality of Palpa district raped the girl on Wednesday.

TAMGHAS, April 17: Rafting service has come into operation in Gulmi's tourism site, Badigad rivulet, in a commercial manner from Tuesday.

GULMI, April 11: A former lawmaker was one of the two people killed in a jeep accident in Gulmi. The other deceased is Roshar BK. Eight others were injured.

Two killed in Gulmi jeep accident

October 16, 2018 05:00 am

GULMI, Oct 16: Two people died when a jeep fell off the road in Chandakot Rural Municipality of Gulmi, on Monday.

GULMI, Oct 15: Two people were killed in a jeep accident in Chandakot Rural Municipality in Gulmi, on Monday.

GULMI, Sept 4: Data maintained by the district chapter of TRC shows that over a dozen people from the district were victims of enforced disappearance. GULMI, Sept 4: Laxman Marasini of Resunga Municipality-9 of Gulmi, formerly known as Tamghas-6,  had left home on January 26, 2001 to meet his brother in Butwal. He never returned home. His wife Shanta is still hopeful of seeing him return home alive after all these years.

PALPA, June 27: Gulmi and Palpa districts have exported a combined 29 tons of coffee in the current fiscal year. Two companies alone -- Highland Coffee Promotion and Nepal Organic Coffee Product – collect coffee produced in these districts and exported them to countries like the US, South Korea, Japan and Germany.

GULMI,  May 21: Nepali Congress, Gulmi has started a drive against social anomalies and aberrations in various places of the district as part of the second phase of its 50 days mega campaign entitled 'Let Us Go to the Village and Enjoy in Village Itself'.

GULMI, Feb 9 : Locals of Gulmi were elated when the district was freed from prolonged power shortage six years ago. However, an unannounced load-shedding in recent days has taken its toll on their lives.

GULMI, Feb 9: The Siddeswor Community Forest based in Musikot municipality-5 of Gulmi district caught a massive fire.

GULMI, Jan 26: Most of the candidates who contested the parliamentary and provincial elections of December 7 have submitted the details of their election expenses to the District Election Office (DEO), Gulmi following the instruction of the Election Commission (EC) to furnish the details within 35 days of the elections. Surprisingly, the expenses of the losing candidates are comparatively higher than that of the winning candidates.

GULMI, Jan 25: Most of the candidates who contested the parliamentary and provincial elections of December 7 have submitted the details of their election expenses to the District Election Office (DEO), Gulmi following the instruction of the Election Commission (EC) to furnish the details within 35 days of the elections.

GULMI, Dec 21:  A patient admitted to Resunga Hospital of Gulmi has apparently died due to the negligence of doctors.

KATHMANDU, Dec 9: Gokarna Bista of CPN-UML has secured victory in Gulmi-2.

GULMI, Nov 28: As the second phase of elections for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly nears, fight between ‘heavy weight political leaders have kept everyone guessing in Gulmi. While the Nepali Congress secured a win in two of the three constituencies for the 2070’s Constituent  Assembly elections, this time it is different.

1 died, 11 injured in Gulmi jeep accident

November 16, 2017 10:30 am

GULMI, Nov 16: One person died while 6 others sustained severe injuries in a jeep (Lu 1 Ja, 1521) accident that occurred at Resunga municipality-4, Arkhale in Gulmi district on Wednesday night.

GULMI, Nov 6: Not a single woman has been fielded in the upcoming parliamentary elections under the first-past-the-post (FPTP) category in Gulmi by any political party. As per the details provided by the District Election Office, there isn't any woman candidate contesting the polls under this category.

GULMI, Nov 5: A couple of the most interesting battles of the upcoming elections is taking place in Gulmi, where four central-level leaders of the country's big political parties are contesting against each other.

KATHMANDU, Oct 30: At least 11 people were killed and scores are injured in two separate accidents on Monday.

Gulmi bus mishap death toll climbs to 7

October 30, 2017 14:27 pm

GULMI, Oct 30: Gulmi bus accident death toll has reached seven after four more are reported to have been killed in the incident that took place in Gulmi Durbar rural municipality-4 in the district on Monday morning.

Gulmi potters switch to modern pottery

September 5, 2017 05:15 am

GULMI, September 5: Potters of Gulmi, who had been making traditional pottery so far, has started trying out new designs.