Blame your Habit, Not Science

Published On: February 15, 2024 11:45 AM NPT By: Ichhya Neupane

The world is building on technology every day. Technology including tablets, laptops, as well as phones, circumvents us and will be a consistent use in our quotidian lives. It has availed our society to become straightforward and effortless. Solutions are generated using technology everywhere. The world has transmuted since our great-great-grandparents were children. People meaning kids, teens, and adults, from the present time to the past time have a colossal change because of the overuse of electronics. We have modified behaviorally, physically, and mentally positively but also negatively. Negative impacts are not just something small and simple. They can start off with poor posture as well as weak eye vision and end with moderate to severe depression. 

From the 1900s to now there has been a prime advancement in our lifestyle because of numerous things with technology. Learning educationally, working efficiently, communicating, business data as in commercial enterprise and more have been impacted by the generations of technology significantly. Mainly comprehending the preceding years with the outbreak of Covid-19, technology has stuck in our lives. In view of the fact that the virus was spreading the virus became perilous. As a result, matters had to be closed down. Technology has emphasized its paramountcy by denoting support to stay associated with others, learning at school “virtually,” with programs making things easier, working domestically safely away from others without difficulty, and more. Electronics were like the remedy to our stumbling block with the pandemic. Utilizing programs simply beginning from Zoom, if not Google Meets from home made individuals connect with facilities. Work enforces have shifted and have commenced to keep using remote work as Covid was gradually drifting away. Working from home has definitely accelerated sharply because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has been rebounding to become better than ever.  Globally, AI has helped health by exploiting doctors to predict diseases expeditiously and accurately diagnose them. Many things got done quicker with a blow of a whistle. AI has helped fraud prevention, personalized shopping, the development of clever content material, voice assisting, autonomous driving, and greater.  Technology has assembled businesses to be better than ever in many approaches. Convivial media shared what businesses had to offer; commercials skyrocketed sales and income; websites, emails, or apps made business products available worldwide; and so much more. Entertainment has also expanded and extended widely due to technology. Movies and TV shows have been created to give a laugh or shed a tear. They have made hundreds of thousands of moving pictures and will perpetuate to make more. Games have given a solution to boredom when people don’t know how to pass juncture. With all these things technology and electronics have done to this world, it can be great right? Technology doesn’t end there though, and it’s not a good thing if we don’t handle it in the right way. It has also demolished this world as well. 

Technology has impacted society greatly to stay connected, being more efficient, boosting business, and more, however, it also comes with a price. Technology has become a momentous part of our lives and that’s the motive why it can impact our physical and mental health. Things holding our attention for long periods of time in a sitting can include devices we incorporate into our daily lives. Tablets, phones, computers, and more have the power to weaken our vision or cause eyestrain.  Screen glare, screen brightness, and continual screen viewing can definitely increase the chances of eye issues in life. The way people use devices can without a doubt, lead to incorrect posture. When we use our devices on a daily basis, we have a tendency to transport our necks and shoulders downwards. This can result in aches in our back, and neck and over the years, make our posture poor. With bad posture, you are unable to stand straight which can lead to musculoskeletal issues.

With a lifestyle built around technology, many back or neck pains are attributed. A lot of teenagers (2 out of 3 anticipated) are proven to have sleep problems in addition to drowsing late going on their devices basically due to technology. Using devices before going to bed can cause a problem with trying to sleep because of the matter of blue light. Lights from mobile phones, computers, and tablets, impact your ocular perceivers and “simulate the brain.” Common things can include reduced physical activity. Breaking this into elements, inactivity can result in unpleasant effects including obesity, cardiovascular disease, increment of the risk of type 2 diabetes, low academic performance, risk of premature death, and more. Starting off, inactivity can lead the path towards obesity because you are not moving your body. This follows the route to gaining a bunch of extra weight, weighing you down. This multiplies and grows branches to diseases. No exercise and watching TV in a mundane daily life for hours a day can clearly increase the chances of heart issues like cardiovascular disease.  This can increase the risks for type 2 diabetes because the main cause of it is overweight, obesity, and physical inactivity. 

Having more excess body fat shows signs of insulin resistance. This can set up the person with developing type 2 diabetes. Adult brains are more different than children's. A child's brain is still developing and can be more sensitive. Children who are glued to a technology screen can experience issues behaviorally such as low academic performance, addiction to these devices, poor sleep quality, lack of attention/focus, low creativity, social problems like anxiety, aggressive behaviors, delays in social skills, delays in language development,  physical inactivity, and more. Social media is a whole new world and can’t always be auspicious. Teenagers on a periodic basis go on social media every day. It can’t always be healthy and mental health starts to be draining for them. Comparing their lives to others, cyberbullying, being insecure of themselves, not connecting with their surroundings, feeling out of place, and feeling left out and more are all representing causes for them to develop anxiety or even depression. All of these factors can astronomically immense the risk of premature death. 

Technology has made our lives preponderant and bloom into an easier lifestyle. It has advanced our lives to stay more connected regardless of where they are located, boosting business plus sales, and more. We all relish technology and utilize it in our daily lives. However, there is a negative side to the overuse of technology. Being vigilant of this is consequential because the negative side can result in unpleasant endings. Technology is here to stay. We need to apply it to our lifestyle right.

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