KATHMANDU, April 16: Minister for Education, Science, and Technology, Sumana Shrestha, has said there will be no unnecessary interference on behalf of the ministry and her party, Rastriya Swatantra Party, in the universities' affairs.

KATHMANDU, March 19: The government has suspended the inter-district transfer of teachers. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) has formulated criteria for the transfer of community school teachers and put a hold on inter-district transfers until the Teacher Service Commission examination is completed.

Blame your Habit, Not Science

February 15, 2024 11:45 am

The world is building on technology every day. Technology including tablets, laptops, as well as phones, circumvents us and will be a consistent use in our quotidian lives. It has availed our society to become straightforward and effortless. Solutions are generated using technology everywhere.

Robot food delivery is no longer the stuff of science fiction. But you may not see it in your neighborhood anytime soon.

Innovation in the Pandemic Age

April 22, 2020 16:00 pm

BEIJING – The COVID-19 coronavirus poses a threat on a scale not seen since the so-called Spanish flu killed more than 50 million people in 1918-19. To confront the pandemic, many governments have imposed stay-at-home orders and even strict lockdowns, bringing the global economy nearly to a standstill. But the real solution to this crisis is not containment. It is innovation.

ROLPA, Jan 19: The free tuition classes of Science and Mathematics at different community schools of the 12 districts of Province 5 in view of the nearing Secondary Education Examination (SEE) have drawn flak.  While free Science tuition classes are being offered at 742 and Mathematics at 888 schools under the initiative taken by the Social Development Ministry, school teachers and other stakeholders have criticized it as a populist program of the government.

Facebook is trying to coax “news deserts”  into bloom with the second major expansion of a tool that exposes people to more local news and information. But the social network confesses that it still has a lot to learn.

It just might be the weirdest news you read today. The Japanese government has finally given a green light to its scientists to grow human organs inside animals. This controversial experiment, if successful, can actually pave the way for new sources of organs for transplant in humans.

LONDON, July 27: The head of Britain’s leading charity funding scientific research has written to new Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning about the threat to science if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal.

Science of neglect

June 13, 2019 01:05 am

Science and technology is yet to become a topic of mainstream debate in Nepali media. In national media, it occupies only a tiny fraction of space, and we rarely have scientific programs that cultivate in general public the importance of science. There is little conversation going on about this topic among the government agencies. What’s worse, our academic institutions do not promote science in ways they need to. They are failing at the most fundamental level: not teaching students what science actually is and how it can be advanced.

KATHMANDU, June 6: A two-day conference on Science and Technology for Prosperity kicked off in Lalitpur on Wednesday with the theme “Connecting Lives with Land, Water, and Environment”.

Himalayan White House College is organizing 8th edition of ‘National Science Expo’ on Saturday.

The philosophy of life

November 28, 2018 09:45 am

Time, according to science, is the gap between two events. It reminded me of things without gaps.

Why we need science?

November 11, 2018 20:35 pm

​Nepal government has allocated only 0.38 percent of the total budget for science and technology. This proves that the government is trying to limit the sector than developing it.


October 8, 2018 10:30 am

Science is the subject of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy Physics which is the branch of Science Dealing with study of nature and natural phenomena Describing various activities in detail.

Oct 1: A compelling new study is comparing cancer cell populations to parasites, describing how it can alter the body's ability to metabolize glucose to create more energy sources that help tumors grow. One of those strategies involves reducing a type of gut bacteria that keeps blood glucose levels in check.

KATHMANDU, July 5: Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has awarded journalist Laxman Dangol with Science and Technology Journalist Award-2018. Dangol was awarded amid a special program held at the office of NAST on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, June 27: Science has been the top choice of the students scoring outstanding grade in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), the Grade 10 final examinations, held in March. The results of SEE were published on Monday.

Young science achiever

June 24, 2018 07:51 am

“My mother pointed at the TV screen and expressed that it would be a proud moment to any mother if her children appeared on the TV for an interview. It was the turning point in my life. I wanted to make my mother proud,” stated Bikalpa Dhungana, a 19-year-old scientist, and inventor from Manpang, Tanahun.

KATHMANDU, May 31: Ailing senior neuro-surgeon Dr Upendra Devkota has been felicitated with Dr Bal Ram Joshi Knowledge and Science National Award.

KATHMANDU, May 18: The 1st Science, Information and Technology National Youth Conference-2018 is taking place in the Capital from June 18 to 20 with the aim to review existing situation in various aspects of science, information and technology, and make necessary work policy of related field in next 10 years.

KATHMANDU, April 19: A study conducted by the Educational Standard Evaluation Centre shows that there has not been much improvement in the rate of learning outcome of the students despite the implementation by the government of the School Sector Development Programme.

KATHMANDU, April 8: Govinda Ballav Pant University of Agriculture and Technology at Indian state Uttarakhand has conferred honorary doctorate degree to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli during his visit to Uttarakhand on Sunday.

Young Science Believer

April 8, 2018 10:29 am

KATHMANDU, April 8: ‘I want to be doctor or engineer’. This is most common answer you hear from children when asked about their aim. Like other kids, Prabhakar Kafle 19-year-old aspired to be a doctor when he was young.

The gender of your baby could never affect or influence your parenting or behaviour. Whether it's a baby boy or baby girl, your brain would respond equally to their desires and needs. But there are researches that have a different take on this.

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Popular hair stylist Neel Davi has been appointed as brand ambassador of Brillare Science of Nepal, the authorized dealer of Brillare Science of India that sells and promotes vegan natural cosmetics.

You can’t cast a spell on your would-be-lover. But you can take a cue from these researches and potentially up your chances of developing romantic feelings. After all, science knows best.

A difference in brain structure makes boys callous and unemotional, says a new study.

BONN, Nov 16: French president Emmanuel Macron sent a pulse of excitement racing through the Bonn climate summit with a speech seizing the mantle of climate leadership from the US.

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: The meeting today of the Legislature-Parliament unanimously endorsed the 'Rapti Health Science Academy Bill, 2074'.

KATHMANDU, September 10: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has stressed the need for establishing an international level science research laboratory in the country.

KATHMANDU, Sept 3: Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) is going to present a paper on ‘Space Science Outreach and Capacity Building in Nepal’ on September on coming Thursday.

KATHMANDU, August 24: When 12-year-old Riti grows up she wants to become an ‘artist-cum-doctor’.

BHAKTAPUR, August 4: National Examination Board on Friday announced Class 12 results of science faculty.

WASHINGTON, April 23: The world saw brain power take a different form Saturday. From the Washington Monument to Germany's Brandenburg Gate and even to Greenland, scientists, students and research advocates rallied on an often soggy Earth Day, conveying a global message about scientific freedom without political interference, the need for adequate spending for future breakthroughs and just the general value of scientific pursuits.

KATHMANDU, Feb 21: Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) has announced 1st NASO Women in Science Award 2017 on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: Nepal Model School, Basundhara has organized its 5th Nepal Model Science Exhibition 2073 recently.

KATHMANDU, Dec 31: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has argued that the country could make economic stride if efficient utilization of science and technology is ensured.

LALITPUR, Dec 5: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said science laboratories would be established in all the seven provinces in line with the country's federal set-up.

BANEPA, Nov 22: A total of 1,377 medical science students of Kathmandu University (KU) graduated this year. The convocation ceremony was held on Tuesday.

POKHARA, Oct 19: Scientists from 16 countries of the globe have been in Pokhara since October 17 to discuss about latest researches and studies on material science and engineering.

BERGSHAMRA, Sweden, Oct 8:  Emelie Eriksson has a bond with her son that hardly seems possible: She and her son were born from the same womb.

KATHMANDU, Oct 3: The Britain-Nepal Academic Council (BNAC) and more than 90 academics working in the field of social science have expressed their deep concerns over the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority's (CIAA's) action to ask the Social Welfare Council to investigate against Social Science Baha.

KATHMANDU, Oct 4: The Britain-Nepal Academic Council (BNAC) and more than 90 academics working in the field of social science have expressed their deep concerns over the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority's (CIAA's) action to ask the Social Welfare Council to investigate against Social Science Baha.

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: Social Science Baha has said that the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) misinterpreted the facts and alleged the NGO for misappropriation of fund.

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Nobel-Prize winning scientist Dan Shechtman arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday in order to participate in the International Science Conference which began in Dhulikhel from Sunday.

Govt slammed for unclear science policy

September 13, 2016 17:28 pm

KATHMANDU: Participants at an interaction program this Saturday said that science plays an indispensable role in the holistic development of the country.

LONDON, Aug 13: The British government promised Saturday to keep paying for European Union-funded agriculture, infrastructure and science projects until 2020, even if Britain leaves the bloc before then.

Grade 12 science results out

August 7, 2016 19:23 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: The recently-formed National Exams Board on Sunday published the results of grade 12 under the science faculty, with the pass percent standing at 73.77 per cent in the regular category.

Science of fitness!

August 2, 2016 10:11 am

Sushant Pradhan belongs to a new breed of health gurus who apply science to their fitness regime. A self taught fitness trainer, he runs ‘The Physique Workshop’ at Kumaripati.