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‘Most accused in corruption cases get acquitted because of weak investigation’

Published On: July 18, 2022 12:00 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, July 18: The accused in most corruption cases registered at the Special Court have been acquitted due to weak evidence and investigation by the Commision for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). Last year, out of 331 cases decided by the Special Court in Kathmandu, 268 accused were given a clean chit. As many as 41 cases were adjudicated, 25 cases were partially adjudicated and one case has been adjourned. According to the Special Court, the accused were acquitted in most cases registered due to poor investigation and prosecution.

Govt preparing to extend statute of limitations in rapes of minors

Published On: June 12, 2022 03:15 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, June 12: Nepal Law Commission has drawn a preliminary conclusion suggesting that the statute of limitation should be extended only in the rape cases involving minors. Following the demand to make changes to the statute of limitations specified by Section 229 of the National Penal Code Act regarding coercive control, the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs gave the commission the responsibility to study the issue and report whether it would be appropriate to extend or reduce the time limit.

EC’s second proposal: Local elections on May 18

Published On: February 2, 2022 11:08 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: The Election Commission (EC) has proposed to the government to hold the local polls in one phase on May 18.

Sobhraj should not be released from jail, govt tells Supreme Court

Published On: January 10, 2022 11:44 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Jan 10: The government has submitted a written reply to the Supreme Court in the case of Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj, a French national convicted of a notorious crime. Sobhraj filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court on December 22 demanding that the government ‘provide relief to senior citizens’.

Preparations to introduce automated system to schedule cases at SC in final stage

Published On: November 22, 2021 12:15 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov 22: Preparations for the day-to-day assignment of hearing using lottery system in the Supreme Court have reached the final stage. The scheduling of cases that the Chief Justice has been taking care of for years is about to begin using an automation system.

Court Dispute Heading Toward Resolution: Lottery system to be used to schedule cases

Published On: November 19, 2021 10:14 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: The stand off seen at the Supreme Court is heading towards the resolution as agitating lawyers and Supreme Court justices are close to consensus to schedule cases through lottery system.

Sc justices agree to hear cases if lottery system is implemented to schedule cases

Published On: November 17, 2021 11:47 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov 17: Four judges, who had not attended the hearing for three weeks demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher JB Rana, resumed their work on  Tuesday.

Writ seeking re-swearing in of PM Oli filed at Supreme Court

Published On: May 17, 2021 09:30 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

Petitioners also seek dismissal of seven newly-appointed ministers on constitutional ground

The government itself is breaking the law

Published On: October 20, 2020 04:08 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

The government asking the citizens to pay for the treatment of COVID-19 is against the constitution and the verdicts issued by the country’s top court.

How appropriate is demand for death penalty to rapists?

Published On: October 7, 2020 10:50 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

Former chief justices say demanding capital punishment that the constitution already prohibits is misguiding. The priority should be to effectively enforce laws against rape that country already has.

First female justice of Supreme Court dies at 81

Published On: May 23, 2020 01:50 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, May 23: Sushila Singh aka Silu, the first female justice of Supreme Court, passed away on Friday. She was 81.

Supreme Court orders govt to provide immediate relief to daily wage earners

Published On: March 30, 2020 06:32 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, March 30: The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the government to provide immediate relief to the daily wage earners who have been struggling for necessities like food during the nationwide lockdown.

80% of verdicts in work abroad scams go unimplemented

Published On: January 5, 2020 06:30 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Jan 5: Amrita Dhakal, 32, of Saurapana, Gorkha could have been a successful entrepreneur today if only she had not dreamt of going to Japan and earning Rs 300,000 a month. Giving in to this lofty dream, she fell victim to a fraudster and she ended up selling off her clothing store, which was bringing her a steady income.

Mainstream vs Digital

Published On: December 1, 2019 12:07 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

Broadly, media can be classified into two types: new and traditional. New media refers to mass communication distributed through digital technologies, and traditional media or the old media particularly refers to print media, television and radio broadcasting and billboards.

SC orders action against CIAA officers including secretary

Published On: June 6, 2019 06:45 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, June 6: Supreme Court has ordered action against the staffs including secretary of Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) for not being cooperative in the judicial process.

Court hearing on Ncell tax issue today

Published On: June 4, 2019 12:34 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, June 4: The Supreme Court will conduct hearing on the much-debated Ncell tax issue today afternoon.

More women in state structure under new constitution

Published On: March 8, 2019 09:00 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, March 8: With the constitution promulgated in 2015 adopting women-friendly provisions, the representation of women has increased significantly throughout the state structure.

Supreme Court Senior-most Justice Deepak Raj Joshi resigns

Published On: February 19, 2019 11:33 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: Senior-most Justice at the Supreme Court Deepak Raj Joshi resigned from the post on Tuesday.

CJ summons 9 High Court judges over suspected deviations

Published On: January 18, 2019 07:15 AM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Jan 18: Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana has summoned nine judges of various high courts on deputation to the Judicial Council (JC) over suspected deviations in the 33-kg gold smuggling scam.

Dr KC to remain in custody, hearing on Wednesday

Published On: January 9, 2018 04:55 PM NPT By: Bhasha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: Detained orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC will remain in detention as the hearing of the case of contempt against him did not start on Tuesday.