Road officials relent to Pappu's demand

Published On: September 20, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: Narhari Sapkota

The DOR has decided to build a Bailey bridge over the Trishuli River and extend the bridge construction deadline after Pappu Construction claimed that it was facing difficulties in transporting construction materials across the river.

GORKHA, Sept 20: The Department of Roads (DOR) and the Office of Chhewetar-Bhaluswara—Barpak Road Construction Project appear to be working hand in glove with the defaulter contractor Pappu Construction, which has failed to complete the construction of a bridge over the Trishuli River within the set deadline. Pappu Construction was supposed to complete the bridge in Janaury, but so far only 30 percent work is complete.

The Bridges Division of the DOR has decided to build a Bailey bridge over the river and extend the bridge construction deadline after the contractor company claimed that it was facing difficulties in transporting construction materials across the river. Officials said the Baily bridge will cost Rs 2.7 million.

Amrit Mani Rimal, the chief of the 11-km Chhewetar-Bhaluswara—Barpak Road Construction Project said that they decided to construct the Baily bridge after Pappu Construction promised to complete the bridge within a year. "The contractor told us that it cannot resume the bridge construction work without having a Baily bridge in place. Therefore, instead of leaving the incomplete we decided to extend the deadline and construct a Bailey bridge," Rimal said.

Preparations have been made to build a bailey bridge estimated to have a budget of Rs 2.7 million relying on the words of the contractor seven months after the contract handed in 2015 expired. Deputy Director General of the Bridge division Arjun Jung Thapa even reached the site on Monday to inspect the site. At the site, he announced to a group of local representatives, engineers of the contractors and representatives from the project that a bailey bridge will be constructed.

The deputy director of the Bridges Division of the Department of Roads Arjun Jung Thapa on Monday visited the project site and promised to construct a Bailey bridge.

The locals of Gandaki Rural Municiaplity where the bridge lies are dissatisfied over the sluggish work of the contractor. “The contractor did not work when there was time, now it is making excuses to get term extension,” complained chairman of Gandaki Rural Municipality Hem Bahadur Rana said.

The Bailey bridge is going to be built for the convenience of Pappu construction. The locals claimed that it would have been better if the bridge was built before the contract expired. Pappu Construction has been widely criticized for not completing the work in time and, on top of that, asking for the construction of a bridge.

Previously, the District administrative Office, Gorkha and the Road Project had repeatedly published notices prompting the contractor to complete the construction works on time.

The incomplete bridge would provide a huge relief to the Chepang community that lives nearby. They have been affected by the sluggish pace of the works and are facing troubles in everyday transportation across the river. The community that lives on the other side of the river would be connected properly with outside world if the bridge is completed.

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