Delay in verification of demand letters creates problem for foreign job seekers

Published On: February 8, 2021 12:13 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: Although the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic is being minimized in different destination countries, the Nepali embassies there have not shown any proactive interest in verifying the demand letters which has created problems for those trying to go for foreign employment. Foreign employment has become a means of earning for the unemployed while the country is unable to create employment for its youth.

Stakeholders say that the Nepali embassies in the destination countries have shown negligence in verifying the demand letters for Nepali workers. They claim that the employers of the destination countries have been demanding manpower from Nepal. “Right now, the biggest demand is from Saudi Arabian employers. The government there is also easily allowing Nepali workers into the country,” said Sujit Kumar Shrestha, general secretary of the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA). “But the embassy there, making different excuses, has been delaying the verification process of the demand letters.”

Entrepreneurs said that Nepal could take advantage of the situation but it has failed to do so. “If the diplomatic missions cannot do their job properly, they need to clearly say it,” he said, “But they have been lingering the process without any solid reason which has created problems for entrepreneurs and people who want to go for foreign employment.” He added if the working style remains the same, the foreign employment sector will be at the risk of a collapse.  

There are complaints that the delay in the verification of demand letters has put many, ready to leave for foreign employment in trouble. “There are no employment opportunities in the country,” Khagendra Karki, a resident of Ramechhap, who is trying to go abroad for employment, said, “Many people are looking for employment abroad but they have not been able to leave the country.”

He complained that he has not been able to move forward with the process even after visiting multiple manpower companies for months. “I am willing to go to any country including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Dubai but I heard that there are problems in the countries,” he told Republica.

NAFEA General Secretary Shrestha said that the main reason behind their inability to resume the foreign employment business is the delay in the verification of demand letters. He said that some manpower companies sent workers on the basis of old demands but most of them could not bring new demands. The embassies concerned should verify the demand letters from the employer companies before people can be sent for the job. Only then can the manpower companies send workers according to the demand. 




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