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Nepal, which has banned cryptocurrency, watches closely as India announces to introduce one

Published On: February 2, 2022 03:50 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: At a time when the government of Nepal has criminalized any form of transaction of digital currency, the neighboring Indian government has announced to introduce taxes in the introduction and transaction of digital and cryptocurrencies inside the country.

Coronavirus insurance claims worth Rs 11.5 billion yet to be settled

Published On: January 19, 2022 01:44 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Jan 19: Over a hundred thousand people are deprived of payment for COVID-19 insurance claims in the country. The dispute between the insurance companies, the Insurance Board, and the Ministry of Finance is the reason behind the delay in settling the insurance claims.

Quarantine cost increases expenses of Nepali laborers going to Korea

Published On: December 11, 2021 01:35 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Dec 11: Workers going to Korea for employment under the Nepal-Korea government agreement have to bear the cost of hotel quarantine by themselves.

Govt looking for alternative to 'free visa, free ticket' system

Published On: December 9, 2021 03:54 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Dec 9: The government is trying to find an alternative to the ‘free visa, free ticket’ system for foreign employment, saying neither the government nor those going abroad has been able to benefit from the system.

Liquidity crunch in banks still persistent

Published On: October 28, 2021 11:55 AM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Oct 28: Nabil Bank has announced to give 9.36 percent interest on three-month term deposits in the second week of the tightening of the interest rate by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

Employment in Korea to resume only after implementation of biometrics

Published On: September 15, 2021 03:36 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: Employment in South Korea that remains suspended for nearly two years will resume only after the biometric system is implemented. Employment in Korea will not resume for another month after the South Korean government added a condition that the biometric system be made mandatory to resume the stalled employment.

Rs 750 million allocated for free repatriation of stranded migrant workers, only Rs 13.5 million used

Published On: September 13, 2021 02:19 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: Lack of coordination among government agencies concerned has deprived a large number of stranded Nepali migrant workers abroad to avail the fund allocated by the government to repatriate them home with the government’s financial support.

Remittance up by Rs 100 billion

Published On: August 25, 2021 04:20 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, August 25: The remittance flow to Nepal increased by about Rs 100 billion in the last fiscal year 2020/21, compared to the previous year. Although the number of people going for foreign employment decreased due to the COVID pandemic, the inflow of remittance increased.

Resumption of employment in Korea may still take months

Published On: August 13, 2021 03:30 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, August 13: Employment in South Korea, which has been suspended for nearly a year and a half, will take some time to resume. According to the Department of Foreign Employment, it will take time for the resumption of the employment due to the failure of the government to manage direct flights as per the conditions set by South Korea.

Rs 2 billion provided to relatives of Nepalis who died abroad in a year

Published On: August 5, 2021 12:39 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, August 5: The bodies of 24 Nepalis who died in Malaysia during employment were brought to Nepal a week ago. The bodies had been stranded in Malaysia for some time due to the limited regular flights following the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foreign Employment Board has stated that the bodies were brought after a wide body aircraft was sent for the purpose.

52 bodies stuck in Malaysia due to lack of adequate international flights

Published On: July 14, 2021 09:20 AM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, July 14:  As the government has not been able to arrange adequate international flights, as many as 52 bodies of Nepali nationals are stuck in Malaysia for months.

Banks see their profit increased even during COVID-19 pandemic

Published On: July 13, 2021 08:00 AM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, July 12: While most of the indicators of the economy are negative due to the COVID pandemic, the profit of the banking sector has increased significantly.

Employment for Nepalis in Malaysia to resume only from next year

Published On: July 8, 2021 11:05 AM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, July 8: Malaysia, the largest destination for employment based on the number of labor permits issued so far, will not allow Nepali employees to enter the country this year.

Manpower swindles Rs 300 million, operator jailed for fraud

Published On: February 26, 2021 04:30 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: Bheri Overseas Manpower has been found to have swindled youths out of Rs 300 million, promising them lucrative jobs abroad. The manpower has run a fraudulent business by luring more than 150 people claiming to send them to various European countries and Afghanistan.

Delay in verification of demand letters creates problem for foreign job seekers

Published On: February 8, 2021 12:13 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: Although the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic is being minimized in different destination countries, the Nepali embassies there have not shown any proactive interest in verifying the demand letters which has created problems for those trying to go for foreign employment. Foreign employment has become a means of earning for the unemployed while the country is unable to create employment for its youth.

Despite labor minister’s decision to reverse action taken against manpower companies, DoFE to check malpractices

Published On: February 1, 2021 12:12 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Feb 1: It is not a new thing for the manpower companies to charge the youths going for foreign employment more than the prescribed fees. The government has implemented a rule that states that manpower companies are not allowed to charge more than Rs 10,000 to the workers going to the Gulf countries and Malaysia.

Most banks report a decline in profits

Published On: January 29, 2021 12:15 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the banking sector is beginning to show. Bankers have said that the impact of COVID-19 has started to be felt after the profit of most banks declined in the first six months of the current fiscal year.

Govt raises additional Rs 10 billion in domestic debt

Published On: January 28, 2021 09:50 AM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: The government has raised Rs 10 billion in domestic debt as per the target set in the current fiscal year. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) raises domestic debt on behalf of the government.

Qatar recruiting Nepali youths into its police force without Nepal govt approval

Published On: January 26, 2021 12:12 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

The recruitment is illegal, say the Nepali stakeholders concerned

Insurance companies are cheating the people, and destroying their own credibility during pandemic

Published On: September 16, 2020 01:00 PM NPT By: RUDRA KHADKA

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: Nepal’s insurance companies have long been accused of defrauding the people. Even after life and non-life insurance schemes mature, the companies refuse to make payments as per the agreements, and delay in the name of processing paper works. People rushed to insure when insurance companies advertised a scheme of 600 rupees, where you would get paid 100,000 rupees in case of coronavirus infection. According to Beema Samiti, around 1.3 million people rushed to insure in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. Now the companies are changing their tune. Moreover, the regulatory agency that should have carried out the investigation and punished the companies is singing the same song.