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Published On: October 22, 2021 02:29 PM NPT By: Sushant Thapa

You and I

You and I

My contentment is like a belief 
It is a relief from your eyes of judgement.  
I am born like a seed 
Plant a belief to see my stages of blooming,  
Drench me with memories to relive your racing heart. 
I am in you like a figment rising somehow and somewhere.   
I will grow like a fire 
I want to be your sun and live like the night. 
The longer I stay with you, 
I will enter in your dreams and
Still become your reality.
You and I share the cosmos 
The starry-eyed universe dwells in us.  
You are my morning sun and 
I am your night sky. 
The distance which separates us is the 
Measure of our love.   

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