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Published On: September 2, 2018 10:47 AM NPT By: Saugat Gelal

Why are girls not safe?

Why are girls not safe?

Starting from the mother’s womb, girl is insecure before she is born
Ready to step on this world, but her life has twist and turn 
Aborting the female child with no fear and care
When they know the son is inside, oh My Dear!

Unluckily, if a girl is born, everyone squeezes their face
As they have the belief, girls cannot run in this fast race
Sending quality school is the matter of double thinking
Resulting the creativity and innocence shrinking and shrinking

When she reaches sixteen, many vulture eyes stare
Even she cannot understand how to be safe and care
Not in single place, but everywhere she is unsafe
Somewhere there is molestation, somewhere there is rape

For short term pleasure, girls are being used
Once they are raped, in their family, they are refused
Why males of this society so cruel and vulgar
Not only rapist, started to be female body smuggler

A girl who is raped is hungry of emotional support
But look at the scene, who listens her report?
A rapist has no right to live here and there
Girls must be made free from fear and treated as Oh My Dear.

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