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Published On: July 19, 2017 01:26 PM NPT By: Saugat Gelal

My last glimpse to your letter

My last glimpse to your letter

How would I burn the words of your letter
Blended in your fragrance
Kept far from this natural shutter
Inside the biological soul since many ages
Every letter was running through my mind
Like a flowing water in stream
Striking the walls of brain like howling wind
In my memory that calls you in every scream
All those feelings you had written
Keeping yourself lonely and away from cosmos
Run explicitly through my nerves hidden
Persuading my eyes to repeat it further once
In solitude, your words cry
My falling pearls couldn’t wait
Kiss your words heart wanted to try
Near to the far near world, it was too late.

Saugat is a Master’s level student studying at Khowpa College, Bhaktapur. 


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