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Published On: January 3, 2022 03:52 PM NPT By: Sajira Shrestha

When you meet my shadow

When you meet my shadow

Too afraid to raise my voice,

Every time you put your hands on my flesh.

Thoughts about all the people run through my mind,

Every time you force your lips on mine.

You are the prince of my worst nightmare,

A monster, a charlatan: I can never get rid of.

Every time you walk through the door

And put your black hat on the table,

My body shivers out of all the torment and horror.


But all of this shall end,

When you meet my shadow.

While I am just a yellow-bellied,

She is a queen who runs the hell.

And when you try to lay your hand on her,

She will cut you like a sword and burn you like a fire.


All the pain and agony,

You have caused to others,

Will find a way back home.

Leaving you all timorous and weak,

You will beg for her mercy,

Even death will sound sweet to you.

But she has made a deal with the devil,

To bring scoundrel like you to book.


So wait till you meet my shadow

And you will be the one to shiver out of all the torment and horror.

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