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Published On: May 15, 2022 02:30 PM NPT By: Sajira Shrestha

Like A Dog’s Bite !

Like A Dog’s Bite !

Down the street, you walk

Pretending everything is fine.

Headphones in and music on

You walk slowly with a smile.

Just for a moment, you think

Life is great like an old wine.


Few yards away, you see a dog

The one who used to wage its tail.

Your eyes shine a little bright

As you see your old friend.

It runs towards you

And you kneel to give a hug- tight.

But without even a warning

Gave you a scar for a lifetime.


As you lay on the ground

Figuring out what just happened.

You feel an immense pain

While blood rush through your feet.

You feel helpless and weak

Without anyone there to care.

Feel so lonely that

You can’t even cry for help.


Somehow you pick yourself up

And stand on your feet.

Stumbling down the empty street,

You lend a hand to yourself.

The feeling of betrayal

Hits you hard in your head.

The pair of injections

Didn’t hurt you at all.

As it did when the dog you feed every day

Gave you that bite.


Life is never fair.

You suffer from the ones you love.

You rather take a long way home.

Instead of walking the same road again.

Maybe this is a lesson of breach of trust.

And the dog’s bite is similar to a broken heart.

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