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Pratima is a student of MA first semester at Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur.

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Published On: November 12, 2017 11:30 AM NPT By: Pratima Oliya

Vote for Change

As Nepalis are preparing to vote, it embodies the necessity to break down the conventional thought of voting to the favorite political parties but not to the deserving ones. 

Many of us have originally and innately embraced some political parties. We vote for those parties whom our parents vote and grandparents had voted. However, this orthodox always hinders our ability to choose the ideal, rational and patriotic leaders who are actually required for the country.

Similarly, Nepalis frequently appear uncomfortable to accept changes as natural phenomena. They don’t even leap out from their traditional mind-set of voting favorite political parties. Indeed, everyone must vote political leaders after observing their skills, courage, qualification, rationality and decisiveness. People don’t even feel the need to know the name, qualification and history of the standing candidate, but they’d vote like they’re visually impaired. 

Our votes play a significant role for the future, individually as well collectively. So, if explicates mandatory to utilize the vote. A vote of our, results the magnificent and immense change in the nation like a drop of water helps to form a large and vast ocean. We should not let our votes go vain for that a patriotic leader should be chosen without caring about which political party he/she represents for.

Furthermore, there is the tendency of running back of the political parties being paid and to vote the same party, which replicates that Nepalese citizens are very unaware and irresponsible about development of nation and collective progression. To sell the vote being greed of money outcomes the negative result. I argue to sell the vote is like to sell the body parts. The transitory happiness of getting money and having fed delicious food short lives the sustainable happiness. Many youths as well as adults have been tired with the present instability of Nepal so that they don’t desire about voting the deserving candidate. 

At the same time, many youths have migrated abroad. I claim that it does not symbol any good and decency of being tired and even losing hope from the country rather it is our responsibility to change country contributing in some disciplines. As far as when youths precede with determination, the development follows the country.

Moreover, large number of population in Nepal scarcely accept the innovative visions since they are coming up to now without analyzing the vision and concepts of political parties. If some political parties and leaders commit of doing some innovative and outcome the change, we all should co-operate them with our precious votes since everyone should be granted an opportunity. How can they prove themselves unless they don’t get a chance? 

In this sense, we need to jump out from our traditional concept. We should enhance the ability of identifying the propagandas which sometime are done by leaders and sometime by media. To believe the black propaganda in regard of election damages our thoughts and increase the chance of wrong candidates to be chosen. We should enhance the ability of choosing best candidates and vote them heartily.

In a nutshell, citizens have to abandon the traditional concept of favoring the political party that they’ve been voting for a long time and should rather vote for the committed, rational as well as patriotic leaders in order to develop the country.

Pratima is a student of MA I Semester at Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University.

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