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Published On: September 17, 2017 09:13 AM NPT By: Pratima Oliya

Mom Stops Shouting Because of Landlord!

Mom Stops Shouting Because of Landlord!

I was returning to home from college. When I arrived inside gate, I saw two little children playing and jumping. They were aged four. The mothers of these children were whispering and they began to laugh louder and louder.

Then, a girl asked them mummy, why are you shouting in such the loud voice because you told me that the landlord is home? What will she say seeing you laughing? Everyone was shocked upon hearing that. The girl represents thousands of children who dwell in Kathmandu with the same kind of fear and anxiety. 

Yes, we Nepalis are aware about international migration. However, it is disheartening that nobody talks and raises question about internal migration due to which a large number of people suffer. In spite of being inhabitants of Nepal, we don’t have any favorable or adjustable environment while migrating internally. Imagine the troubles that people have to go through when they migrate to foreign countries. It must be miserable. 

The government as well as the citizens exhibit less interest about internal migration since the unhealthy competition and clamor have extended because of the tendency of internal migration. Moreover, when a landlord constructs a house and allots for rent more expensive than other landlords, other landlords also increase their rent. The unhealthy competition is extending mainly in Kathmandu. 

Many people migrate to Kathmandu, the dreamland of Nepal, for the quest of prosperity, for better facilities and technologies. However, it a dismay that tenants have to battle through anarchy in the capital city. There tendency of hiking rent whenever the landlords want torment innocent people into empting their flats anytime, without any reason for the condemnation. 

Though they pay rent in time and clean the surrounding, they are treated like outsiders. Such torment not only affects adults’ psychology but also of children. Furthermore, many families from different cities dwell together in the same house in Kathmandu. They live with the fear and terror of landlords. 

Many students migrate to Kathmandu in search of qualitative education since the cities and the valley is centralized with facilities such as better hospitals and schools. But, many landlords hesitate to rent rooms or flats to students. Students mostly require a single room as that is all they can afford. But he landlords do have a single room spare for students. 

Moreover, many a times the landlords demand the rent for two months at once or rent in advance. They don’t consider that their tenants live in fear and mental torture. 

In nutshell, the government, NGOs, INGOs or those who are involved in eradicating social problems should seriously construct some system that would be beneficial for all. A defining rule for hiking rent or kicking tenants out should be carved out in favor of the tenants. There is a dire need for strong internal migration policy in Nepal for which we must all contribute from an individual level. 


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