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Published On: September 15, 2022 02:00 PM NPT By: Saroj Wagle

Vote for Best Candidate

Vote for Best Candidate

In my mind, indeed, the upcoming election will be quite a tough job when it comes to demanding a vote for a particular party or an independent candidate. These days, each political candidate has promised to verbally make into his/her area more prosperous along with developmental activities. After all, winning matters a lot, no matter which party one may belong to. Similarly, an independent candidate does, too.

As far as I’m concerned, in the local level election, women’s candidates equally participated. In Nepal, I sense there will be a huge change in women’s participation while taking important decisions in the government as well as private organizations. Interestingly, the days are gone when the entire world believed in men’s muscle power. In today’s digital globalized world, people believe in knowledge, innovative ideas, skills, creativity, noble deeds, wisdom, and others.

Having said this, if women have grown-up with such life changing assets in their lives, then they are undoubtedly coming into the mainstream areas. As a result, our society will come across more phenomenal changes than ever before in various sectors. However, to the best of my knowledge, men and women have been guided by common purposes in order to do meaning works. Am I wrong in this regard? Tellingly, of course, in physically, women are weaker than their male counterparts. By living with this one single logic at this twenty-first century, this is not good at all.

Therefore, it is not always appropriate to say that women are weak in different areas: rather they’re doing incredible jobs in their most valuable positions. This writer, on the other hand, finds it difficult to understand why people frequently use the “near and dear ones” formula for nefarious practices. As I’m a true lover of this country, I one hundred per cent believe in my own muscles rather than cheating mentality. In this upcoming election, we should all carefully go through the background of each candidate before we should cast our votes for them so that the best candidates can win.

In a democracy, every vote matters a lot when it comes to winning elections. In the context of Nepal, it is not misleading to say that Nepalese citizens are more likely to evaluate who is right or wrong in politics. In other words, who is playing a crucial role in favor of the common people’s aspirations by addressing the real problems in their daily life? Although we could see some real changes from the independent candidates while making their cities, politicians have their own vested interests in political ideologies instead of common people’s issues. This must be stopped.

And lastly, we (common citizens) are at the apex in terms of giving our vote for the candidates, no matter the political party’s candidate or an independent candidate. Let’s use high levels of consciousness when casting the votes.

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