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Published On: August 22, 2019 12:25 PM NPT By: Rajeeb Shrestha

Utopian ordeal

Utopian ordeal

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Lives a life in the path of divine

Thus, peaceful is animated awake o' thine.

Monk, o' divine a sentient being!

Crossing all the austerities,

How do you indeed control your own frenzy in soul?

Chanting the mantras,

Healing the strains

Of smarter the fellas,

You live a life in ordeal

Monk o' divine,

You pass through all the zig zag upheaval.

Monk o' divine sentient being,

Lives a life that shines

In the path of divine

How wonderful is the life of thine wayfarer!

Monastic thus your preaching courier

Living in the Abby utopia

Monk o' mine, I seek your pious plea!!



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