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Published On: September 4, 2022 11:00 AM NPT By: Rajeeb Shrestha

After Death....

After Death....

After death,

I’ll die / we will die

Then nobody cares

That you existed

Our physical body

Will be buried or burnt

Some may shade crocodile tears

Real tears would be very rare



After my death;

I don’t have to wake up early,

Follow the routine and

Set work goals daily.

I don’t have to worry

About what to wear

And apply sunscreen

To keep me away from sunburn.

Neither I would have

To think about global dirty politics,

Nor worry for my

Country’s pitfalls,

No, I won’t have to even be

Upset for World Climate Change.


 After my death,

I would no longer be bothering how to pay

My utility bills?

Wait for salary to be deposited,

Or anxious about my child’s

Studies and future career!


I would not wake in

Complete fear at midnight

With negative expectations

Even at some fake calls.


Oh my God!

After death,

I won’t be worried at all

Of my wife’s tantrum turmoil

And so called show offs

Of my relatives and friends!

There’s so much

Advantages in dying,

You see!!

But still,

I don’t want to

Die so far!!!

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