Published On: July 24, 2019 02:44 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Understanding light and capturing moments

Understanding light and capturing moments

Prasant Shrestha is a freelance photographer who is interested in study of human beings—anthropology. That is why he captures mostly portraits, culture/festivities, daily life, and political scenarios along with landscapes. It has been 10 years, 44-year-old Shrestha is working in photography field. He is one of the prominent photographers who have been working to promote cultural and natural heritage of Nepal. In the course of doing so, he has organized several photo exhibitions that showcased past and present condition of Panauti along with the socio-cultural facets of Panauti. He has contributed his photographs in several books that depict the lifestyle and culture of Nepal.

 In an interview with My City, Shrestha shared his insights and experiences on photography:

-What is photography for you?

Photography is meditation for me. You need to have patience and understand light for mastering as a photographer.

-What are the challenges being a photographer? How to overcome them?

Technology can be one of the challenges where new technologies are introduced now and then. During the time when I used analog camera, I used to have all the equipments. And technology is always costly. Then, came the digital era where I had to dump all my equipments related to analog camera. My first digital camera was Canon EOS 30D which only had 8 megapixels. But now I have Canon 5D Mark IV camera.

I learned that either you update yourself or you have to leave the situation. That’s the only way you overcome the challenge about gadgets. However, it is not the gadget that makes perfect photographs; it is the willingness to create a moment. For creating perfect moments all you have to do is wait.

-How can one become a photographer?

Today’s world seeks instant gratification, as new innovative technologies have somewhat brought that facility. However, the charm of curiosity that was there, once upon a time while using analog camera has gone. You have to understand light and when you understand light you can become a photographer. And photographer always must be honest and have patience. Then, to be an expert, you have to choose which theme you are going to work on before practicing photography.

-What are the differences and similarities working with an analog camera and a digital camera?

In digital camera everything is instant and easy but while using an analog camera you are curious and excited about how the photograph would come out. Then, there used to be long photo development process. However, there is one similarity between these two and that is capturing moments. And we need to focus on the positivity of technology and inventions.

-Why do you choose photography?

I chose photography as my profession because it gives me happiness. It is always a satisfying feeling learning about human and human behaviors.



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