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Published On: November 14, 2021 02:41 PM NPT By: Diwakar Dhakal

Unanticipated Tihar

Unanticipated Tihar

A sporadic festival comes one-off in a year

With the onset of it marigold, garland,

Vibrant colors and Deusi - Bhaillo

Continued to boom

Yesteryear, it used to be delightful

Sadly, this year…

Something unpleasantly different

The courtyard isn’t decorated

With spangles of colored sand

The blooming flowers are devastated

There is no delighted smile

How can I accede the onset of Tihar

Someone, earnestly tell me

When colorful light fades off

When the circular loaf isn't made

When there is no behest by Bali Raja

To play Deusi - Bhailo

How can we baptize it by Tihar?

Someone, please tell me genuinely

Whether I am being impaired by vision or deaf to listen

Why can't I see the pleasantness of delightfulness?

Why can’t I listen to the deafening sound of firecrackers?

Why the goddess of wealth is insolent

By abandoning generous hearts

How it can embrace greed

Why are houses like an incinerated shanty?

Why are jovial faces not delighted?

It is my figment of imagination or reality

Anyone, Kindly, disentangles me from it

How can a sister wish for her brother's longevity?

When brothers are stranded in terrifying circumstances?

Why can't Bali Raja escort them?

No mark on the destitute forehead,

No garland and marigold on the neck,

How can I count immeasurable blessings?

Which are shared among kinship?

Unfortunately, this Tihar went miserably

With the good grace of god

Let us be hopeful for another Tihar.

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