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Published On: June 28, 2022 12:33 PM NPT By: Diwakar Dhakal

Dear Dream City

Dear Dream City

I have come all the way from hell
Where I had witnessed hell-scape
For a thousand years
Now, I don’t want to go back
Until, I find my dream city
If I can’t find it
I have to return back to hell
So, I’m compelled to seek

Dear Almighty,
In a dream city
I want to build an exquisite mansion
Where me and my soulmate can reside
To reciprocate love, empathy and benevolence
I’m proximate to her soul
I can feel the unexplainable connection
To exchange our eternal love
Please, let me go to find her

Dear Sailor,
Kindly, navigate this rudderless ship
Till final destination
With an immortal feelings
Before time gets dissipate from this world
I have to meet my love
Which is as pristine as unending journey of water

Please sailor, I can’t foresee premonition
Don’t let unsinkable boat to sink
Before I get drown and frozen
Take me with an utter intact

Dear soulmate,
I’m coming for our sweet reunion
After the bleak of thousand years
Heartily, decorate your heart with
Joy, colors, and fidelity
We will rekindle our memories unconventionally
You are like godsend gift for me
I will not alienate you till doomsday
It’s time to cherish and make love
To execute our endless promise
Which I had given to you

Aftermath of emancipation
I was incessantly seeking
Dream city, a beautiful city
Which never exists in human world
It was solely in my memory lane
A fantasy of dead soul and mind
I couldn’t find my dream city
Neither almighty nor sailor
Helped me to discover it
When I wake up
I find myself being captive
In the prison of the worst world

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