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Published On: May 29, 2018 12:20 PM NPT By: Nischal Bhandari

Transitioning emotions

Transitioning emotions

Humans witness physical, mental, spiritual and social changes in different phases of life. A new-born baby gradually grows, reaches adulthood and eventually fades to a mere memory. As I turn the pages of the photo album comprising my childhood memories, I realize the essence of the innocent infancy. After all, the infant stage gives the most beautiful moments.

There were joys hidden in the little games we played, our conversations, and the dreams we built together with my childhood acquaintances. Those were the most carefree days; no responsibilities at all. As time unfolded, the sense of responsibilities shook me, eventually making me more conscious of my surroundings. My conversations with my acquaintances gradually started making more sense. 

Now, I am 17-year-old A Level scholar. I strive to accomplish my dreams and my parent’s hope instilled in me. Sometimes due to tough competition, jealousy, and even gossips lead me to consider myself an underdog. I have started to think about life more sensitively and carefully. I have initiated to consider my social responsibilities too. 

I realize that adulthood brings numerous reasons for an emotional rollercoaster. Thus, adulthood is simply referred as an age of storm and disasters. When I face the heart-rending catastrophes, I find the urge to travel back to my childhood, curl in a corner and cry.

Alas, all my friends who I weaved beautiful memories with are no longer in contact. Nonetheless, they have encompassed special space in mind and heart. If I am granted an opportunity to ask God for a wish, I would ask him to take me back to my childhood. However, is this even possible? I would be breaking the most crucial law of nature.

Adulthood, which brought me away from that stage, is certain to drag me into old age. Aging is natural; everybody should obey the laws of nature. Who am I to fight against it? No matters how our physical, emotional, spiritual or social status challenges us, we have to adapt to the changes in life. Life is a transitional journey which gradually builds several memories and tales of tragedies and comic incidents influenced by separation, attachment, success or failure. 

Nature has granted us tears to express for our sadness or in plights and smiles to response to happiness. Past, present, and future are the building blocks of our lives where we are actors. We change our status from grandson to grandparent. 

“Past is the right place to visit but not the right place to stay”- Paulo Coelho. Similarly, present is the right place to stay, to plan and to strive for tomorrow. The future is all about the results of our past and presents struggles and experiences. 

“Life is a vehicle which is driven by Changes as Fuel”.

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