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Published On: November 13, 2017 11:07 AM NPT By: Nischal Bhandari

A Jump from Childhood to Adulthood

A Jump from Childhood to Adulthood

Every living thing is accompanied by physical, mental, spiritual and social changes. A newborn baby gradually grows up as time changes in the form of seconds, hours, days and months. When I turn the pages of my childhood, I find the photographs of mine representing a smiling or crying baby, naked baby and so on. 

Nowadays I feel that I could not enjoy my beautiful infant stage when I stare at the babies that are embraced in the chest of their mothers. It is said that the most beautiful moments of life can be realized, but according to my perception infancy is the best moments of life which we can’t remember as we grow. 

The games that I had played, the conversations I had made, the dreams I had set up, the laughter that I grabbed in my childhood with my companies were those precious things that I can’t secure nowadays willingly too. When I hadn’t any worries about the days to come, When I hadn’t knowledge about the dreams of mine as well of my parents, when I had known just to enjoy, to angry for little things, that was my childhood. As the time passes, I started to realize some responsibilities that I should carry or fulfill. I started to be conscious. The messy conversations among friends continued to be sensible. Several physical changes also occurred. Now I am 17 and enrolled in A level. 

Relentlessly I am striving to accomplish my dreams and my parent’s hope towards me. Sometimes due to tough competition, jealousy of others, gossips of whiners compel me to consider me as an underdog. I have started to think about life more sensitively and carefully. I have initiated to consider my social responsibilities too. Adulthood, of most of the people, like mine is signaled by continuous discouragement or frequent excitement, dissatisfaction, drug addiction, smoking or simply deviation and so on. Thus, adulthood is simply referred as age of storm and disasters. When I face the heart-rending catastrophes, than I want to return again in my childhood and want to cry in the lap of mother, warm chest of my mother. 

All those friends with whom I had played and passed my beautiful childhood are not in contact or around me but they have encompassed special space in mind and heart. If I am granted an opportunity to ask God for a wish, I will tell him that I want to return again in my childhood. However, it is just worthless and nonsense wishes that is entirely impossible. Adulthood which had brought me away from that stage where I had tireless vacant jaws will also leave me in old age with vacant jaws but jaws which will be exhausted. Ageing is natural. 

Everybody should obey the laws of nature, so do I. No matters how our physical, emotional, spiritual or social status challenges us, we have to adapt with that. Life is obviously a journey which must be terminated and should possess several stories of tragedies and comics characterized by separation, attachment, success or failure. We have to accept all sorts of aspects. Nature has granted us tears to response for our sadness or in plights and smiles to response for glamorous victories or achievements. Past, present and future are the building blocks of our life where we are actors changing our status from grandson to grandparent. 

“Past is a right place to visit, but not the right place to stay,” said Paulo Coelho. Similarly, present is the right place to stay, to plan and to strive for tomorrow. Tomorrow is all about the results from our past and presents struggles, experiences. Life is vehicle which is driven by changes as a fuel. 

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