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Published On: July 8, 2018 07:35 AM NPT By: Yubraj Karki

Tipper terror

Tipper terror

A few weeks back in Jhapa, two youths riding on a motorcycle were hit by a tipper, killing one on the spot, and leaving the other severely injured.

Such news have been occuring in every two to three days. Social media users also occupy the feeds, often posting befouling pictures and videos of the tipper accident victims. It is nothing but obvious that no one – pedestrian or riders – fall, victim to the reckless driving. Tipper accidents are a growing menace in the country. It is absolutely petrifying to know that our lives are on the risk, even when executing a task as simple as crossing the road.

Moreover, riding or walking around the moving tippers is equivalent to flirting with death, but unfortunately, there’s no escape from this, yet. Tipper drivers are seen defying transportation rules and acting oblivious to the safety of the traffic and the pedestrians. Seeing their demeanor, it is apparent that are accustomed to causing road mishaps.

While I was commuting from Sundarbasti to Chabahil on a motorbike, my mind only persuaded me to fear for the worst every time tippers rumbled by. As the tippers passed each time, my heartbeat would skip a beat; I would solemnly pray to the higher power. 

This is not just my story, this is the everyday story of the denizens. What’s most heart-wrenching and horrifying is that the tipper drivers, in case an accident occurs, mercilessly run over the victims, ensuring their death. This is done just to escape medication expenses and law procedures. How much horrendous can it get? This clearly shows how abruptly tippers are wreaking havoc in the country. 

Tippers are comparatively sturdier and monstrous in size, and hence only minor damages are caused on collisions. So, they drive carelessly with no speed limit, turning blind eye to the safety of others, causing traffic fatalities. Moreover, tipper drivers are always on a rush to cover as many tips as possible, and in this rush, they take many lives. 

Utter negligence of the tipper drivers is the major reason behind most of these gruesome accidents. However, several laws are formed with an intention to reduce traffic fatalities and punish the guilty party. Still, they lack proper implementation. Authorities are seen turning blind eye to the havoc created by the tippers. 

The guilty party easily manages to elude the weak law of our country. Besides that, untamed motorization, poor road condition, government’s snails paced work execution, the lack of skilled manpower are among the key factors contributing to traffic fatalities. Now, it’s time for the government to take some serious and effective steps to put the tipper terror to an end. We thrive for an immediate action for changes.

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