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Published On: January 8, 2019 01:28 PM NPT By: Yubraj Karki

The vengeance

The vengeance

I pulled off the bed sheet from the bed and tore it into two halves. I shrouded each of the bodies with two halves of the bed sheet and fastened them with a rope. I dragged the bodies clutching on the rope with one hand and carried an axe in the other.  The floor was completely smeared with blood gushing out of the bodies, as I dragged them through the corridor, down the staircase and to the parking lot where I had parked my car. The cold breeze blew as I reached the parking lot dragging the bodies. I could hear the sound of howling wind, barking dogs and the roar of the engines of the vehicles that rattled down the distant highway. I produced a key from my pants pocket and unlocked the trunk of the car with it. The trunk opened with a short creaking sound that reverberated across the street. I hurriedly loaded the bodies on the trunk and locked the trunk immediately. I got into the car, inserted the key and started the engine. The engine stammered into life and I fled before someone could catch me.

I headed towards the abandoned dense forest which was few miles away from the city. After driving for one and half hour, I entered the dense forest. I slammed the break and the car halted. I got out of the car with a spade in my hand. The moon was peeking at me from in between the dark clouds. The forest was slightly engulfed in mist. I could hear the wolves howling, monkeys chattering and the leaves swaying with the breeze. I inched towards the trunk of the car, unlocked the trunk and unloaded the bodies. Clutching on the rope that fastened the bodies, I started dragging them toward a river bank that was few meters away from the forest. The cold and vehement wind opposed me fiercely as I moved forward. I put strenuous efforts and continued dragging the bodies.

 I reached the bank, accompanied by the moonlight. I stood still for a while craning my neck and rolling my eye-balls to seek the best spot to bury them. My eyeballs rested on adistantpit. I hastily ran towards the pit with a spade in my hand. The pit didn't seem large enough to engulf two bodies. So, I jumped into the pit and started digging it further. Halfway to digging the pit, the moon was obscured by the cloud, the sky roared colossally, lightning the surroundingat times. It started drizzling. Yet, I didn't relent and continued digging.    When I realized the pit was large enough, I ceased digging and crawled out of the pit. Then, I rushed towards the bodies and dragged the bodies towards the pit. I noticed the body was still convulsing. With my spade, I crushed the skull for one last time.I pushed the bodies into the pit while one of the bodies was still convulsing and then I covered the pit with the mud. The rain intensified. I knelt down on my leaden knees tired and soaked in the rain water and perspiration. Spreading my arms, I looked towards the sky, closed my eyes and felt the rain hitting my face. I let out the piercing shriek. A shriek of victory, accomplishment and delight. The forest echoed with the shriek.

I opened my eyes. I bolted awake on the bed in my room. I was drenched in sweat. My heart leapfrogged to my throat. My mouth went dry. I was thrilled in shock. "What was that?" I whispered thinking of the nightmare I just had as I gently scrubbed my face with my palms. Gingerly, I leaned forward and stretched my arm to grab a glass of water from my table. I gulped down the water and slowly placed the glass back. I took a glance at my phone. It was 8AM, Nov 16. It would have been our third anniversary, had we been together, I thought scrolling through Joon's pictures. Everything happens for a reason. She must be happier with him, I thought again. Suddenly, a notification popped up on the notification bar of my phone. It was breaking news. I clicked the link and opened the news. The news was in three paragraphs with a couple of photographs. The headline of the news read: "A girl and her lover brutally murdered in their apartment last night". I scrolled down to the photographs of the victims. I zoomed the pictures to see who they were. It was Joon and her lover. A deafeningsilence and the shock engulfed me.


(The story and the name of the characters are fictional. In case of parallelism with the name, it is purely coincidental)

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