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Things to do after SEE

Things to do after SEE

Secondary Education Examination, SEE, often known as Iron Gate examination is on its end. The feeling of ending up about 13 years of school is quite fascinating for most of the young minds and they want to be fond of the freedom, but, honestly, it is the best time to build new hobbies, know places and people, to understand your potential and to explore the better side of being both a responsible child and a responsible civilian. Here, I have listed some of the points that may help the fresher to spend a meaningful recess.

Forethought: You know yourself better. So, for a while just cleanse all your keenness away and relax. Sketch the things you would love to do. If your thought brings you to profoundly raise your level in PUBG and Free Fire and other online games then, I affirm it’s malicious. I mean why would anyone just spend the time being a couch potato when you have better things to do and when you are potential for so much more. So, do the basic groundwork on yourself and decide what is that makes you competent; how you won’t be taking the time you have for granted and waste it without making a best of it. Think! Plan! Execute.

Bridge-course and other courses: There are many students who opt for a bridge-course which is overwhelming and that’s the choice of most of the parents too. It will surely help an individual to get you an admission in the college they want but I have also seen many of them attending such courses by force or by influence. Well, sounds fun but, there are always choices to be made, choose what brings the best out of you and spend on what makes you a person with quality. It won’t just help you to be sellable and increase your employability but it will certainly make you happy and that counts more than anything. Go for music classes, animation and programming classes, art classes, computer classes or even some short term CTEVT courses that you may find. Learn life skills like swimming and soft skills like time management and creative problem-solving. Be creative and embrace yourself with talents.

Travel: Only thought of traveling can freshen up the mood. So, anyone can imagine what it does once you experience it. It doesn’t have to be Singapore or Dubai. It doesn’t even have to be Mustang or Everest Base Camp. Travel to the closest district, know the people and culture. There is always a story with places and it’s us who can explore it as we only see and listen to what we want. Explore. If you want to try higher, make a group and design a package firmly. Go for a hike, trek, camp, and adventures. Solo traveling is enthralling too and if you wish to do one, prior arrangement and research are the most. Read guidelines, prepare checklists and go on. After all, we’ve always read “Travelling broadens our mind” now let’s explore.

Reading books: Books are amazing. Go to a book store and choose the book of the genre you would love to read. If you’re a beginner for it then sometimes the choices you made cannot completely relate with your type however, what’s there in experimenting. Grab some fantasy fiction like Harry Potter or young-adult fiction like The Book Thief, submerge in the quest of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or in a suspense story like Girl in Room 105 by Chetan Bhagat, if you’re seeking for some inner insights go through books like Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Several Nepali authors like Amar Neupane, Buddhisagar, Narayan Wagle, Subin Bhattarai have all put remarkable impression to me through the books. Biography of Madan Krishna Shrestha, Haribansha Acharya, Bijay Kumar Pandey is very satisfying. These are just a few from many. Reading not only is a quick skip of boredom but also a factor of learning. You’ll just be mesmerized. If you don’t have a habit of reading, build one!

Social Work: There are several organizations that you can join for volunteering and social work, join them. It helps a lot to get a better perspective of the issues and it also develops diplomatic and leadership skills. Try to learn about SDG’s and promote them. Share your knowledge with the people around you. If you want to see the change, be a part of it. Once you’re engaged in projects, you’ll just be as addicted towards it. To give your time for a cause and to make a difference is very heroic.

Give wings to your ideas: This is an online generation. You might have various contents in your mind. YouTube has given a wonderful platform to its creators. If you have a good concept and good content, start a YouTube channel. Though the sudden popularity is a myth for most of the time, being consistent is going to be helpful. Render yourself to the world with your brilliant ideas and give wings too if with positivism and consistent hard work.

These are only some from several of the ideas. You might have numerous thoughts going inside your heads. Be wise with your choices as it either ends with you being happy or you’ll drench with regrets. I hope your recess will be meaningful. There are many examples around through which we can be inspired by. Time waits for no one so seize your moments by making each minute count.

Best wishes for results to come.

Saud is an Award Leader at Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards.

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